Stick Dream Meaning

A stick seen in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. The dream interpretation indicates: this sign promises a difficult endeavor, failures at work, mistakes. However, such a symbol may portend someone's help, unexpected luck, love joy. One can interpret what a stick represents in dreams by paying more attention to other details.

Did you have a dream of ski poles? What is the meaning of ski poles seen in the night plot? This symbol means that in real life you would like to leave all your affairs and arrange yourself an active holiday.

The ski poles you use in your sleep while skiing mean: you have someone to lean on in difficult situations. Have you used ski poles without skis - during usual walking? The dream interpretation explains: the dreamer relies on help too much. You can solve simple questions yourself.

What is the meaning of a dream that you had enough strength to break the thick club with your hands? It means you will be able to overcome the problems that seemed unsolvable, Miller thinks.

Did you dream of an old woman with a stick? This dream means that someone will try to lure the sleeping man into a trap; caution should be shown.

The old woman with a stick who is barely walking – such dream means your affairs will move very slowly, you need to come up with something.

Seeing a person in a dream holding a stick is a manifestation of aggression, negativity.

What is the meaning of a dream of running away from the person who has a stick? The dream interpretation indicates: the dreamer tries to avoid difficulties, but it is better to meet them face to face.

Did you have to walk with a stick in a dream? This dream image predicts disease or a long illness.

There is another interpretation of the dream about walking with wooden sticks: there is a difficult task ahead, but you cannot solve it yourself.

Have you stirred coals with an iron poker in a dream? This is a symbol of profitable business and power.

Did you use a sharp stake as a weapon? This means that soon some of your skeptical acquaintances will take your views.

Have you been punished with a stick? Dream Interpretation is encouraging: there will be a promotion, bonus. You can distinguish yourself among others.

Seeing a man who holds a stick in a dream - in reality someone will threaten you.

Have you dreamed of a guy armed with a stick? Failures in the professional field are possible, which can cause material losses.

What is the meaning dream of an old man leaning on a stick and scolding you? Avoid suspicious endeavors, as they can end in big trouble.

Did you see in a dream a stick in someone’s stomach with which they pierced him? According to the dream book, the relationship between you and a loved one is so damaged that after the next quarrel you can separate.

Had a dream about a man who swung a stick at you? You should be wary of someone else's claims made to you.

If a woman sees how a familiar man swings a baton at her in a dream – it means he likes the dreamer sexually.

Why do you dream of hitting a car with a stick, leaving dents? The dream interpretation indicates: wrong decisions of the sleeping person can turn into unpleasant consequences.

Did you have to beat a stranger badly? There will be a period of dissatisfaction with oneself. The dreamer will seek himself, his place in life.

Did you beat someone with a stick and fists in a dream? Mutual reproaches, discord with close people will begin.

Did you hit a dog with a stick in a dream? In real life you will seriously quarrel with a friend (girlfriend) or relative.

Have you used a stick to drive an evil dog away? The dream interpretation explains: the enemies will conceive some kind of trick, but you will break their plans.

    Remember whom you had to drive away:
  • a dog – you will have to resort to self-defense;
  • cat – solving current problems will require a lot of effort;
  • rat – the conceived business will go hard and end in failure;
  • snake – you will get rid of a serious enemy;
  • the enemy – unexpected luck;
  • people – you will help someone with a difficult matter.

Could kill a snake with a stick in a dream? The dream interpretation reports: in reality you will manage to deal with a problem that has long tormented you, but you must carefully plan everything.

Why do dream of watching a stick being thrown, training a service dog to fetch it? In reality, a difficult situation will arise, but you will be able to protect yourself.

Did you happen to throw it yourself? The dreamer will soon have a new colleague or companion.

Sergii Haranenko
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