Fox In Dream Meaning

What is the fox dream spiritual meaning? If the meeting with a fox in a dream was accidental and it just ran past, the dreamer should not be afraid of trouble, but it is worth avoiding conflict situations. Seeing the beautiful fox in the heart of nature means to keep a secret sacredly and keep your word.

If the fox climbed into the barn and strangled the chickens is a sign that you will have to endure the onslaught of a merciless man of authority. It will not be easy to save dignity in this fight. To be on the hunt and shoot the animal - to protect your interests, to achieve justice.

    The interpreters also take into consideration the color of the fox in dream:
  • Red fox – cruelty, meanness;
  • White fox – friends’ betrayal;
  • Silver fox – a fight with a strong rival;
  • Gray fox – revealing of an old fraud.

As for the Gypsy’s dreambook, it gives the following interpretation of dreams about fox: this plot is a warning from hypocritical business partner or deceptive spouse. A pack of foxes in a dream means that all people close to you will be against you in reality.

According to Esoteric dreambook, a fox is a symbol of leadership qualities. The person who saw this animal in a dream has great potential and a wide range of ambitions. Dream hints that there is no chance for development in the current situation – you need to change your job. A maimed or one-legged fox shows disorder, uncertainty, confusion in thoughts about your own future.

A fox in the yard which is trying to hide, will bring closer the conversation with the slippery person. If you saw many fox puppies, this means that gossip will spread very fast and bring a lot of troubles. Nursing offspring abandoned by mom, giving them milk means to take part in an ignoble act, to contribute to the violation of generally accepted norms.

According to Miller, seeing a fox with smooth, luxurious fur is a symbol of great temptations that can overshadow the mind. The shabby, dirty animal promises loss of trust, disappointment in that it warmed your soul.

Miller considers it a good sign to catch the fox with your bare hands: you will have a chance to demonstrate his skills and become popular.

What does it mean when you dream about a black fox? Psychologist Gustav Miller in his dream book gives the following definition to the black or silver fox: a confrontation between soul and mind awaits you. There is a chance that something will happen that will force you to act contrary to your moral principles.

Did you see the black fox taking prey from someone? This means you should not interfere in other people's conflicts if you do not want to bring trouble into your life.

Did you have a dream that a black fox was running in your yard with a wolf or bear? Be careful, your competitor may have powerful patrons. Hunting a black fox in a dream hints at the need to show your character. Especially if your own well-being is at stake.

A fox with a skin of the color of night, walking next to a person in a dream, but not letting him pet her, symbolizes unforeseen expenses and acquisitions that will turn out to be useless. And if a person was carrying the fox in his hands, this is a sign you should hurry up to invest your capital in the business - it will bring you large dividends.

Freud warns the men-dreamers who saw a fox about women who have only material interests. If seen by a girl, fox hints at a girlfriend who is looking for a benefit in a friendly relationship. A married woman should think about having a strong rival on the love front. If a fox in a dream licked a young lady's hand, then this woman is the one who destroys someone’s family.

The sick, dying fox will in a dream is a sign that you lose authority in the eyes of others. If you bought a fox in a dream, such plot means that wanting to benefit, you will gain a lot of trouble.

Seeing a fox in your house is a sign that you have a friend who can betray you any moment.

Keeping the fox as captive in a cage and feeding through the bars - be careful, withhold plans, beware of competition. To give food from the palm of your hand - to be in a hopeless situation and accept any conditions. It is considered a bad symbol to see a fox that dared to eat its brother – you are threatened to be involved in criminal history.

If the fox bites you - someone slandered you and put you in a bad light.

Sergii Haranenko
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