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Killing A Husband Dream Meaning

If you saw your husband being killed in a dream, you shouldn’t panic. Killings often mean change of atmosphere, revising of relations, moving to a new place, promotion at work, but not real death. Seeing a person die means getting free of problems and illnesses, according to Miller. The dream symbolizes new stage in emotional sphere. If you saw death of a relative this can show misunderstandings between you.

    Depending on the way your husband was killed, Miller offers the following interpretations:
  • by gangsters – improvement of your financial situation
  • by wild animals – a promise of sensitive burst
  • by aliens – changing work or place of living
  • killed at war – promotion at work; a lot of work.

It is always a positive sign if your dream was about gangsters killing your husband, it is even better if they also robbed you. The dream interpretation has quite a reverse meaning and promises the growth of income not for the dreamer only, but also for his family members. The dream can also predict presents, sudden heritage. Seeing your husband killed by animals and left to die in blood puddle can indicate that your relations are cooling. Losing blood symbolizes loss of feelings towards a close person.

Sergii Haranenko

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