Many Children Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see many children in a dream? A lot of children in a dream foreshadow worrying and troublesome time dream book. Some dream interpreters promise profit and prosperity at home, interpreting what little kids represent in dreams. A dreaming baby can personify your personal self, your fears, memories, hopes for success.

As Dr. Freud assures, the little children in a dream are a symbol of male and female genitalia. To play with them, according to the dream book, represents your desire for self-satisfaction, which you do not want to get rid of. An uncounted number of children's hands informs of rash intimate acts.

Seeing many small beautiful children in a dream is a sign of the dreamer's success and prosperity. If there was a dream that children of different ages go to school, this image predicts the dreamer peace and an increase in well-being.

A dream in which many children are crying symbolizes a time of anxious forebodings, insidiousness of your so-called friends. Playing with your children of different ages speaks of the prospect of achieving great success in love and commercial affairs.

According to the version of interpreter Loff, to see your children in a dream is explained by the unconscious desire of the unmarried person to have family refuge, stable relations.

For people who have many children in real life, the dream image represents subconscious anxiety about the fate of their offspring. Especially if they happened to see their children dead or asleep.

To unmarried young ladies, the Female Dream Book, explaining why one dreams of giving birth to many children, warns that the fears of being abandoned and deceived are real. Medea’s dreambook associates such a night vision with the risk of wallowing in frivolous relationships.

For elderly ladies this picture serves as an indicator of the occurrence of health problems of the genitourinary system or gastrointestinal tract.

For a woman who has had a chance to give birth to many children in a dream, a Family dream book promises fulfillment of her cherished desire. For a pregnant woman, a dream in which she happened to give birth to several children, prophesies easy childbirth and a healthy baby.

To give birth to babies to an unmarried girl, predicts by the Universal Dream Book coming marriage and the complete fulfillment of a dream. The thorny path to success and the implementation of plans, that's what it means if a man dreams about having many babies. Having a lot of children means a quick promotion.

A dream about a house in which there are a lot of children – your own and someone else’s, personifies the dreamer's fatigue from anxieties and turmoil. Solomon’s dream book interprets a little differently what many children in the house mean in a dream. This means that in reality you are engaged in settling other people's problems, meanwhile accumulating your own ones.

Spoiled, naughty children in a dream are a symbol of emotional, spiritual exhaustion of a sleeping person. Taking care of newborns in a dream means your physical strength is running out.

Newborn babies in a dream are a symbol of sincere joy, fullness of life. Seeing a lot of people with babies in their arms predicts receiving good news.

If you dreamed that a lot of children and people had gathered on the square, this plot speaks about the opportunity to attend a grand celebration, a festive event. A large number of boys of preschool age in a dream predict incredible luck by dream book.

Explaining why a large number of drowned little children appear in a dream, the General Dream Book advises slowing down the implementation of your plans. Such a plot indicates difficult and alarming time for any changes.

If in the night vision you happened to see snakes together with the children, this means the enemies found the weak point of the dreamer and intend to use it.

    The Modern combined dream book, explaining the dream with a large number of children, draws attention to what they did:
  • worked, helped - speaks about favorable time for career growth;
  • studied - speaks of opening new horizons;
  • rested in a pioneer camp - means the opportunity to replenish one’s strength;
  • dabbled - serves as a warning of frivolous act.
Sergii Haranenko
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