New Tooth Grew Up Dream Meaning

It is difficult to find a more favorable sign than a dream in which a new tooth has grown. Gustav Miller explains what dreams of looking at your teeth mean - it portends ill health and complications in business. But if the complete set of teeth is obviously present in a dream, this means the person will succeed in recovering the lost. Artificial prostheses are not considered a full-fledged replacement, they symbolize severe tests.

One of the interpretations of a dream about new tooth is the premonition of the appearance of a child or a relative - this is the interpretation of the Eastern dreambooks.

Four of the front teeth symbolize the birth of a child, perhaps also a brother or sister. Gypsy dream book clarifies: to see the appearance of the top tooth is a symbol of a baby-boy, the lower tooth - wait for the girl. And childbirth will take place safely, and indicators of health in the newborn will please the parents.

Seeing several teeth grown up at once, this means that a numerous kin will appear in the dreamer. This is the prelude to the marriage of one of the relatives.

The old Aesop’s dreambook states that a dream about appearance of new teeth means: a person has achieved the wisdom that allows him to accept all the changes and extinguish conflicts.

Such a dream foreshadows a surge of energy and health. If the person was sick, he will recover. A man can strengthen the welfare of the family.

If an adult person discovered a front baby-tooth in his dream, it is a symbol of social immaturity, infantilism, fear of taking responsibility.

If one dreamed of discovering that a new wisdom tooth had grown, which is not really there, this means attaining complete inner enlightenment, from now on the dreamer will never feel helpless.

To see how a new tooth has grown, which has recently fallen out in reality - a man will return a good reputation, a woman will become more sensible.

If the new teeth seemed to have grown in a newborn, it is a very happy foreshadowing of the coming joy and favor of Fortune.

If a person dreamed of himself as a child, and a baby-tooth fell out in his dream - he will survive a heavy offense. If a new one immediately grew up, the one who saw it will always be ready to understand others and will be able to turn enemies into friends.

Sergii Haranenko
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