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Newspaper Dream Meaning

According to dreambooks, an image of newspaper symbolizes news from far away, deceit or popularity. The exact interpretation of the dream depends of the printing edition’s condition and actions of the dreamer himself. Miller’s dreambook interprets this plot as fraud in business that can cost the dreamer his reputation. The dream can also predict some worries in real life: there can be information leak or the dreamer will find out untruthful gossip about himself.

Some dreams interpreters think that the image of newspaper symbolizes the wish of the person to live according to the standards of society, as others consider it right. An old or torn newspaper is telling the dreamer that he shouldn’t depend so much on public opinion and should think more about the needs of his soul and mind and pay attention to real values. Seeing a dream about an old torn newspaper can predict sudden revealing of an old secret about your family member or acquaintance. Maybe you will find some information that was carefully kept in secret by someone close to you.

If you saw a dream about an item wrapped in old newspaper, this image is associated with stinginess and poverty. An old shabby edition can symbolize your memories. If you dreamt of reading newspaper articles about one of your acquaintances, there is risk to be involved in the center of serious events that will change the course of your current life.

According to an English dreambook, reading newspapers can predict good news from your old faraway friend and this can be the reason for your quitting the job. This step will bring a long-awaited rising: you will start your own business, will be successful, rich and have welfare. If a lonely person saw this plot, this can be a promise of marrying a rich widow and a start of an expensive lawsuit that will last for years. For those people who are in love this dream image can bring separation; your second half will leave the country and you will meet each other again only in many years.

If you were reading a newspaper but didn’t understand what it was saying, the Miller’s dreambook predicts failure in a doubtful venture. Looking through magazines in a dream brings boredom. Reading attentively one article after another is a symbol of choice the dreamer has to make in real life; and even opinions of others on this issue vary a lot. Tearing newspapers or magazines warns you about getting in awkward position; a dream about cutting and burning them brings a boring and unwanted guest to your house. Buying newspapers predicts inconsiderate actions in real life; taking them out of mailbox promises pleasant news from far relatives. Checking your mailbox for newspapers is a reflection of your expecting results of the test or work interview.

Sergii Haranenko

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