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Interpretation of a dream about mail

Mail in a dream is usually an unfavorable sign, it is a warning about getting unpleasant news. Some dreambooks think that you will make a discovery that will be quite profitable in future. Seeing email is an image stating that your surrounding will accept your point of view without any doubt. If your mailbox wasn’t working properly, it means you will have to ask for help of someone more informed than you. A dream of post-office warns you about some obstacles that can influence your life in a negative way. It can also be a symbol of order and desire to control everything.

    Getting an odd email means you will establish strong good relations with your colleagues. A dream about receiving and email from someone you don’t know means that somebody wants to involve you into a risky affair. Rewriting and copying emails/letters is a symbol of wasting time and useless work. You can get more detailed interpretation if you remember the mail content:
  • good news - you will earn money
  • bad news - gossip, bad luck
  • love message - meeting an interesting person
  • official letter - a threat for your reputation
  • anonymous - insult from an unknown person

If you had to carry mail on your own you can expect unpleasant news, gossip, difficult trip or disappointment. Receiving mail/parcel and finding a present in it means that something that will solve your financial issues will happen soon.