Olives Dream Meaning

What does dreaming about olives mean? In a dream, ripe and strong olives are considered a symbol of peace and immortality. They also symbolize welfare, well-being, love and prosperity. An olive tree seen in a dream marks mental stability, calm and spiritual balance.

If you saw a blooming olive tree in the night plot, dream interpretation prophesies true friends and timely assistance. If a married dreamer happened to see this vision, then he will have a pleasant journey or rest with his family.

In a dream, walking through an olive grove literally means that bad omens will suddenly turn into good events in reality. As for Miller’s interpretation of an olive tree, he prophesies recognition of merit, respect of others and unexpected financial flow. An image ensures an easy and safe birth for a healthy baby for a pregnant woman.

A dream about jar of olives is a sign of frivolous acts.

    What were your actions in a dream?
  • eating black or green olives - household chores;
  • buying olives in a dream - a bargain;
  • cutting olives - an invitation to a wedding or anniversary;
  • gathering olives - means making the wrong decision.

If a sick person sees a tree with hanging ripe olives, he will have an indispensable recovery. The dream-book promises a speedy release to the condemned dreamer, and the fruit-bearing tree is a symbol of new love or mutually beneficial partnership for all others.

To discover olives lying on the ground in a dream - to difficult work, for which you do not require reward or gratitude. If you gathered them, this plot predicts profit. If people you know helped you gather olives, you can expect a pleasant surprise and luck.

Green olives hanging on the branches symbolize that in the near future you will be extremely inattentive and scattered. And all because you seriously fall in love.

However, green olives in a dream call for caution, calmness and delicacy. Any misplaced flash of emotion can be detrimental. In addition, this is the perfect time for reconciliation. Such dream also means that you will absolutely spontaneously acquire an expensive thing, but a sudden profit will cover all expenses.

Black olives promise an unusual acquaintance and broad prospects. Just to see one or more olives in a dream means that you have to pay a bribe.

If you gathered plenty of olives, dream interpretation guarantees great joy, significant success and long-awaited well-being. Seeing any olives in the jar is a sign of fun or a magnificent feast.

As for olive oil in a dream, this product encourages not to rush the events. This image also means that in difficult times, you will have to rely solely on your own strength.

Eating tasty olives in a dream is a sign that you know how to enjoy life. An olive branch symbolizes reconciliation even with enemies. Olive wreath promises disappointment. Olive pits predict coming happiness.

What are the Top-5 negative olive dream meanings?

  • Canned green or black olives warn of a decrease in income.
  • Spoiled olives - mean misfortune or accident.
  • Dried olives - symbolize a nervous breakdown.
  • Selling olives means disappointment in the profession.
  • Treating them to someone - means problems with the law.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about olives?

  • Black or green olives in dreams may symbolize new perspectives.
  • Green olives in a dream - mean meeting your future husband / wife.
  • Decorating something with olives - receiving good news.
  • Adding them to the dish - the emergence of new hobbies.
  • Squeezing olive oil is a sign of a joyful event.
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