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Pig Dream Meaning

The pig seen in a dream is the personification of human vices and needs. A pig’s head that you saw in a dream is considered to be a call for actions. This plot can be a hint for the dreamer to have detailed thought over some situation. Swine head can also predict improvement of financial situation. Aesop’s dreambook warns of possible arrogance and rudeness from acquaintances and people from your inner circle. The pig head can also mean negligence in the household and some accident as a result.

If you saw a dead pig in a dream, this means you will soon have look for new source of income. Such a plot brings collapse of the business or its absorption by competitors for businessmen.

The Eastern dreambook considers that if a woman saw a dead pig, this means she will be able to avoid deception and deftly placed networks.

If you happened to see a dream about black swine, you should be very careful when communicating with unknown people. The Universal dreambook is warning you that your new acquaintance can turn to be quite a vicious man. If you killed a black pig in a dream, this means you will be able to avoid intrigues of the ill-wishers.

If a black or gray pig bit you in a dream, this means you should be careful since the ill-wisher is somewhere close to you and is ready for actions.

If you were surrounded by many pigs in your dream, this image has two meanings. First of all, it can be a sign of perspective to have reliable business partners or signing a good contract. The second interpretation is that your subordinates may not be serious fulfilling their tasks.

If the swine in your dream was skinny and dirty, this plot is a warning about difficult time for business and fighting with competitors. Killing a skinny pig in a dream means you will suffer from ill-wishers and business competitors for a long time.

According to Miller, if you saw a clean well-fed swine in a dream, this is a favorable sign about positive changes and profitable contracts coming. If the pig was fat in a dream, this image represents the peak of the dreamer’s success.

If the pig attacked you, this means you will soon have to face your enemy. If the pig was in blood, this image shows your superiority over your ill-wishers.

If you saw an angry and aggressive wild pig in a dream, this image warns you of the resentment that is reserved for you for insults and planned revenge in the future. If a wild boar has bitten you in a dream, then in the near future one should expect meanness from obvious enemies.

Seeing active piglets that are walking and eating is a good sign meaning that all your beginnings will be successful and your plans will be fulfilled soon. Feeding pigs in a dream predicts improvement of your financial situation.

Sergii Haranenko

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