Understanding Dreams About Poop. Shit Happens In Dreams.

Dreaming of feces means good or bad?

Dreaming of shit, what does it mean? Is it true that dreaming of poop predicts good luck? Very few people would call faeces in a dream a pleasant image. However, in reality, this dream is a good sign, foreshadowing an increase in profits, promotion and improvement of material wellbeing. It is even better, if you dreamed that you were cleaning turds with your own hands, or with a rag. Such dreaming means the receipt of easy money, replenishment in the household, the onset of cheerful family holidays.

Gustav Miller gives a definite interpretation of a dream about faeces. This symbol means big profit, success in finishing the projects that seemed unprofitable and failure. This dream is a promise of a great bargain that will bring solid profit in the future for people who work in service sector. If you were dreaming of ordure, large amounts of income will allow you to forget about work and take a break for a short period of time.

Seeing shit in a dream and feeling the unpleasant smell points out that the dreamer’s relations with others are very tense and on the verge of war. If you were looking for the source of the smell in a dream, this is a reflection that other people are trying to interfere with your personal life. The advices of these people are pretty unpleasant and will do the dreamer no good.

Dreams about feces promise rich harvest and offspring to farmers and people engaged in agricultural business. People who invested money into someone’s developing business can be expecting high interests.

Accidently seeing feces in a dream is a sign that you are showing weak character in solving controversial issues and are mostly oriented on opinion of other people who are glad to use this situation. The dreambooks recommend getting rid of such habit and training your willpower.

If in a dream you throw crap in different directions, in the near future secrets will come out or you will find out bad news.

    Did a pigeon do the droppings on you in a dream?
  • pigeon droppings on your head - unexpected success in a new industry;
  • pigeon droppings on the shoulder - wealth and glory;
  • a dove took a poo on you in a dream - great chagrin.

What does it mean if you were dreaming of ordure? You should also pay attention to whose shit it was and how it appeared in your dream. Animal feces in a dream symbolize the beginning of profitable endeavor, a successful project, or a successful financial investment.

The dreambooks give ambiguous interpretation of human feces in a dream. On the one hand such plot predicts negative attitude of other people, conflicts and quarrels. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to earn solid money with the help of people who in reality are avid opponents.

A dream where you were ill and had to give your feces or urine for analyses is a negative sign symbolizing losses and financial problems.

If you had to clean up faeces in a dream, this is a symbol meaning you are dependant on someone. Usually this person is one of the heroes of the dream.

    Miller gives the following poop dream meaning and cleaning shit:
  • cleaning excrement with your hands - promises large stable income;
  • dream of washing shit with a rag - means unexpected modest receipt of funds;
  • flushing poop into the toilet in a dream - is a sign of the planned rest;
  • feeling the smell of shit in a dream - means you will get acquainted with the philanthropist, or a rich admirer.

There are ambiguous interpretations of dreams about feces in the mouth. On the one hand it is a symbol proving that the person can earn money thanks to his eloquence. Besides that this image can show the person’s greediness. This can also show the dreamer’s emotional and verbal incontinence.

Human shit, excrement personify the depreciation of those vital aspects that in real life were important for the subject.

If an unmarried girl dreams of a pile of shit on her own bed, and she has to clean this shit, she will marry a rich man, but very unclean, either physically or morally.

If you dreamed about a lot of shit - wait for large profits, winnings, inheritance. Cleaning up shit meanss that receiving all this will be challenged by someone, there will be other applicants for possession of the property or income you received. It may be other heirs, tax payments, etc.

Did you have a dream about excreta? If you remove faeces and smell them and you are disgusted in your dream - in reality you will have to give a report of illegally obtained material means.

To understand what is the meaning of a dream about cleaning shit after people, remember how you did it. Wiping poop with a rag - you will rejoice for loved ones in reality. Scratching the poo off some surface with your hands - means you'll get a tidy sum from the patron, sponsor.

It is especially good if you dreamed that it was not possible to remove the poop in a dream. Dream Interpretations predict an acquaintance with the right people who will help increase your capital in a short time.

Cleaning shit after animals in a dream, or to see how others do it - predicts a visit of old friends, return of large sums of money. A dream in which cat excrement was cleaned means the dreamer's enviable position against the background of his loved ones. The dream about animals' poop means you are currently able to help friends with money, help your colleagues with valuable advice, and please your beloved with an expensive gift. It is especially good if you dreamed of dog, cat, or feces of other domestic animals.

The worse the smell of faeces that you dreamed about was, the more ill-wishers will be around you. Dream Interpretations warn against dishonest partners, jealous soulmates, and envious colleagues.

Often the question arises, why you are dreaming that you are flushing the poop in the toilet. This promises you a good acquisition in reality. And the more excrement you wash away, the more expensive it will be. And when you have a dream that you are trying to pick up feces, in real life you can count on the support of an influential person. If, at the same time, attention is focused in night dreams on the fact that you got stained with poop, you will be able to get rich quickly in reality.

If you find feces or do not see the ordure, but you know about its presence, this dream means you are worried about the attempts of others to interfere with your life. The issue of money can also be raised here if someone's influence goes too far or others interfere with your life too intrusively.

According to Medea, fecal masses is the greatest concentration of human experience in a particular area, as well as its knowledge and character traits. If in a dream you see the failure of your stool, this means you will face some difficulties. If your stool is watery, this means your achievements and rewards will not be recognized by anyone.

The dream book says that people of conservative nature often suffer from constipation in their dream. If in a dream you defecate in an inconvenient place for you, you should keep in mind that your authoritative opinion, your assistance and your professional experience may be completely rejected.

If it was fresh poop that you saw in a dream, this indicates that everything suits you in your life, and you do not want to change anything in it. But if you dreamed about dried turds, this should push you to the fact that in real life something must be changed. You get caught up in routine and have stopped moving forward.

If baby poop is seen in a dream, this may indicate that the time has come to pass on your experience to the younger generation, or to share the accumulated knowledge with subordinates. In addition, such a dream often expresses a person's subconscious desire to care for someone. For a woman, the poop of a baby seen in a dream is a harbinger of pregnancy.

When the dreamer realizes that he saw his own poop in a dream, this also indicates the presence of internal fears that he does not show in reality. Very often they are caused by childhood phobias. It is very important to overcome such complexes, as they interfere with making the right life decisions.

If, according to the plot of the dream, the dreamer's attention is focused on the fact that he saw shit by accident, this symbolizes the person's spinelessness. As a rule, such people make important decisions under pressure from others and do not have their own opinion.

In Freud's dream book, the appearance of excrement in a dream is associated with the mental anguish of a person. They are caused by certain problems that a person cannot cope with in real life.

When you strive hard to wash your clothes stained with excrement in your nightly dreams, this portends that in real life you will find yourself in the center of gossip.

If you not only see crap, but also smell it, this indicates that in real life you will be offered a profitable business. But if you do not see feces, this is a sign that the offer will be rather dubious and you should hardly agree to it. In addition, a pronounced and very unpleasant smell of poop can symbolize the fact that you have difficulties in communicating with people from your close environment.

Hard feces in a dream means that the dreamer will want to help someone with deed or advice, but the offer will be rejected. The same interpretation follows if the person decided to poop, but he is tormented by constipation.

If the dreamer wipes his own excrement in a dream, this means you need to think about your past. Most likely, someone has information about the sleeping person's life. And he does not wish the dreamer well.

Liquid baby stool in a dream is a sign of betrayal of friends, which will be unexpected and extremely unpleasant.

Incontinence of urine and feces, involuntary defecation in a dream portends losses or loss of wealth.

Examining children's stool in a dream means the person's complacency. Baby feces in a dream is a good sign for a person. This means that he is happy at the moment, and this state will last for a long time. Touching children's excrement in a dream is a sign of complete happiness and success. Watching baby poop in a potty or toilet bowl is a sign that you should pay attention to possible cash receipts.

Formed stool means a coming reward for hard work. If the feces lie in the shape of a ring, this promise will come true. A neat shit pile speaks of the emergence of new prospects. But if shit splashes in different directions, gossip in the real world, disappointments and missed opportunities await you.

If there is a dream that you fell into shit or roll in it - this indicates a difficult situation in life that has not been resolved in any way for a long time.

When in a dream you see that your friend or one of your relatives is defecating, this indicates internal psychological difficulties, problems in relationships or conflicts.

If in a dream you tried to smear someone in shit, this means you will soon find yourself in an uncomfortable situation created by your own hands. If you smeared yourself with shit, then you confirm a disadvantageous position in the team, among friends, relatives.

Dreams of poop promise money: true or false?

It often happens that seeing shit in a dream is timed to coincide with changes in a person’s financial situation. Moreover, it depends on the poop shade, aroma and density whether there will be financial gains or losses in the future.

Stepping into liquid cow dung in a dream means getting a generous reward. If you swim in excreta up to your neck, this is a sign that profitable acquisitions await you.

And if dreams about shit happen regularly, while everything is in order in the family and there are no prerequisites for moving, then expect large financial receipts. Previous generations determined whether to expect a good harvest in the year or not, based on dreams with crap.

If you "do number two" under yourself (crapped yourself) in a dream, expect treason, the loss of a large amount of money or the appearance of fears.

According to the Esoteric dream book, it is worth focusing not only on the situation in the dream, but also on the shape of shit, its size. Liquid poop portends the profit that you will receive from an unexpected source.

If you slipped on feces in a dream, this portends unprofitable investments, loss of money and unforeseen expenses.

If the turd floats in the water, this is a sign that the coming benefit will be related to the aquatic environment.

If at the same time you also swim in the water with feces and choke on them, this may be a sign of impending financial failure.

When a peasant/ farmer sees shit in a dream, he will have a rich harvest or make a profit. An ordinary person dreams of manure - pleasant presents, news and victories in disputes are expected.

If shit was seen in a dream, this may indicate the imminent profit. And if you bathe in shit in a dream, expect a generous inheritance.

When you dream of poo with a strong smell, and you are smeared in it, it means that you will succeed in difficult and risky business.

If in a dream you saw a mountain of shit on which you are standing, this means there will soon be an opportunity for a super-profitable investment.

If insects, worms are seen in the manure, beware - someone will try to take away your property or use you for their own selfish purposes.

Where did you see the poop in your dream?

If you dreamed of poop in the toilet, this means you will find good profit in real life. But it will not fall from heaven, and you can only get it working hard. And, most likely, it will be a one-time reward for a job done right. But if you saw excrement on the floor next to the toilet in a dream, it symbolizes that money will come to you in the form of a win or a find.

When you dream of excrement in your own bed, this indicates that in real life you will have a reliable sponsor who will support you in all your endeavors. Sometimes such a dream can be a harbinger of a passionate romantic relationship. Unfortunately, they won't last long.

If you dreamed of poop everywhere, this image portends great wealth. Moreover, to obtain it, you will need minimal labor costs. The money will seem to fall into your hands. But on the other hand, the dream focuses on your conservative attitude towards life, which does not allow you enjoy all its manifestations. Try to relax a little, and your life will be filled with bright colors.

  • excreta in the bathroom - success in business;
  • poop in the water - making a profit;
  • poo in a potty - an acquisition that will help you get rich in the future;
  • turds in the house - moving to another country for permanent residence;
  • feces in an apartment - receiving an inheritance;
  • poop in bed - an unplanned vacation;
  • excrement in the hands - financial assistance to a loved one;
  • crap in manties - trouble at work;
  • ordure in the toilet - return debts to the dreamer;
  • feces in the toilet bowl - resting abroad;
  • shit in the mouth - resentment against friends because of their deceit;
  • frass on the face - organization of a profitable business;
  • stool on the floor - unexpected praise from the boss;
  • "number two" in the snow - the end of an unpleasant situation at work;
  • poo on a plate - meeting an old friend;
  • turds on the street - a profitable investment of personal funds.

What were your actions with the turds in a dream?

Stepping on defecations or smearing your clothes with it predicts salary raise or getting an additional bonus.

If you dream about how you are examining your own pile of excrement, feel free to apply this or that accumulated experience in life to earn universal respect. Otherwise, you can be delayed. In the future, you will not be able to prove anything to anyone.

Wiping away stools in a dream and getting dirty with crap - predicts an opportunity to earn a lot without making any extra effort. Finally, loved ones will begin to reckon with you. Be careful - the first envious people will immediately appear, intrigues, conspiracies will begin.

Falling into feces (or falling through the toilet) is a warning about an unpleasant situation when you can get dishonored in front of a number of people. The dreambooks recommend being very discreet and patient at the moment.

Eating shit in a dream indicates an extremely vile situation, participation in something disgusting that will leave you with the most unpleasant feelings and memories.

If you dreamed that you were eating crap, such a dream speaks of some negative coming from people you know in real life.

If you made some manipulations with your feces in a dream (for example, you ate it, washed feces off, were swimming in excrements, etc.) - this reflects the presence of a negative deviation monitor program, as well as death instinct.

If you are swimming in ordure in a dream, you will live in luxury, but you will never find peace of mind as you will enrich yourself in a dishonest and immoral way.

  • taking poop with your hands - selfless help from a friend;
  • crapping one's pants - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • holding turds - a reward for hard work;
  • eating poo - the appearance of additional income;
  • plunging into shit - betraying a loved one;
  • being smeared with diarrhea - business failures;
  • wiping shit - participating in a risky adventure;
  • defecating - problems in relationships with children;
  • swimming in shit - depression or apathy;
  • finding a turd - receiving a bonus;
  • flushing defecations - an unexpected vacation in the company of friends;
  • gathering stool - participating in an adventure;
  • drowning in excreta - unforeseen expenses;
  • falling into poop - fun pastime;
  • walking on crap - the theft of money by a loved one;
  • smell of someone going to toilet - great joy;
  • burying ordure - a domestic trauma;
  • removing your excreta - the loss of reputation.

Who defecated in your dream?

  • a little girl go poopie - an honest confession of a friend in deceit;
  • a young woman defecating - a pleasant acquaintance on vacation;
  • rabbit droppings - purchasing your own housing;
  • small kittens shitting - unexpected profits;
  • a little boy defecated - wealth;
  • husband making a turd - petty quarrels with colleagues;
  • bird poo - the successful completion of litigation;
  • puppy crapping - bankruptcy and poverty;
  • snake defecating - a dangerous situation.

What was the amount of feces in your dream?

  • a big pile of crap - sign of profit;
  • a bucket of liquid poo - warns of shame;
  • a toilet full of shit - successful investment of money;
  • a full mouth of faeces - the development of a serious illness;
  • feces pit - means humiliation.

Whose poop did you dream about?

Dreaming of horse manure, shoveling it in a dream - predicts interesting trips, travels to places where the dreamer had never been to before. Luxury hotels, well-deserved vacation, adventures - this is exactly what dreams of cleaning up the shit for our smaller brothers mean. Feline, dog turds are a sign of friendly meetings, interesting parties, gatherings with friends, according to Esoteric dream book.

  • pigeon droppings - success in business;
  • animal feces - pleasant surprises at work;
  • goat shit - the appearance of a two-faced friend;
  • cow dung - big profits;
  • feline feces - the betrayal of a loved one;
  • rabbit poo - good news from children;
  • rat droppings - gossip from former colleagues;
  • chicken droppings - unplanned repairs in the house;
  • horse manure - traveling in the company of parents;
  • mouse shit - minor problems at work;
  • dream of your own poop - receiving the first profit from investing personal funds;
  • dog poo - meeting a reliable friend;
  • human feces - an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative;
  • someone else's stool - intrigues in the work team.

What kind of poop did you see in your dream?

  • white poop - a reprimand from the boss;
  • dried feces - lack of attention from your loved ones;
  • excrement with tapeworms - trouble at work;
  • poop with maggots - a good reward;
  • shit with worms - warns of an accident.

What are the Top-5 negative crap dream meanings?

  • Crapping yourself and getting upset because of this predicts the appearance of insurmountable obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • Getting excrement from a rural toilet means that valuables or a large amount of money will be stolen from the dreamer during the holidays.
  • Looking for something in the fecal masses - trouble and disappointment due to gullibility.
  • Seeing shit on a shovel - cruelty on the part of your loved ones.
  • Blood in the stool - the emergence of a bad habit.

Top-5 positive meanings of dreaming of poop.

  • Seeing that shit is floating on the water means quick fulfillment of your plans.
  • A dream that the child crapped his pants - means the long-awaited replenishment to the family.
  • An elderly woman pooping - improving relations with the boss.
  • Seeing green feces in a dream - is a sign of popularity.
  • Black poop in a dream - opening your own business.
Sergii Haranenko
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