Pregnancy From Your Ex Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you got pregnant with your ex in a dream? A dream about pregnancy from a former partner will puzzle any young woman. Especially if she started a new, happy life a long time ago. However, dreams are messages from our subconscious, they never appear just like that. The vision has many interpretations, the content of which depends on different details.

Some dream books interpret pregnancy from an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband as a symbol of uncooled feelings in relation to the father of a child from a night plot. Perhaps the mistress of dreams still cannot forget and let go of the past, even if it seems to her that it has long “sunk into oblivion”. In this case, the vision raises feelings that the dreamer is afraid to admit to.

The embryo is a new life, which is associated with big changes, a radical change in the usual state of affairs, the implementation of “hatched” ideas and projects. The dream means better times have come to implement your creativity.

When interpreting a dream when you were pregnant from your ex, your feelings and emotions that prevail in the picture are of great importance. Unpleasant experiences can indicate the approach of events that seem unpleasant. Dreams, however, are precautionary: showing caution, unwanted changes can be avoided. If the emotions were positive, feel free to agree to any kind of proposal. Fortune is entirely on your side.

What does pregnancy from an ex-boyfriend portend in a dream? Such a dream means that the time has come for personal growth - getting rid of old illusions, changing priorities and principles. Life does not stand still, you should move forward. Conduct an internal audit, get rid of everything that interferes, pulls you back - things, people, thoughts.

If the future father rejoices in your situation in a dream, a favorable period of life is expected. Start any business without fear and doubt - everything will definitely work out and bring the desired results.

A young man's dissatisfaction with paternity speaks of the sleeping person's dissatisfaction with her abilities and talents, the position occupied at work, at home and in other areas. Be patient and compassionate with yourself, love your mistakes. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.

Seeing yourself pregnant from an ex-partner means showing excessive persistence and conservatism in reality. It is worth loosening the reins of control, leaving the comfort zone. Do not be afraid to be carefree and spontaneous, surrender to the flow of life, have fun.

If the belly is not visible, but you know for sure about your pregnancy, this means you need to be careful with colleagues. Some of them, by accident or on purpose, will put you in an unfavorable position in front of your boss. You should not worry - you will come out victorious from the situation, ill-wishers will pay for the intrigues.

Did you dream about pregnancy from your ex-husband? If in the plot the ex-husband looks scared, seeks to escape when he sees your stomach, perhaps the dream reflects your own fears about future pregnancy and motherhood. Look "in the eyes" of doubts, bring clarity to yourself to stop worrying.

If all the attention of the sleeping person is focused on the man, and not on pregnancy, this means she needs the support of a reliable friend or advisor in reality. Analyze in which area of your life you feel insecure and make the necessary changes attracting helpful people.

The psychologist Miller explains such a dream by the impossibility of letting go of the mistakes of the past. The subconscious mind specifically shows an unreal picture, urging the dreamer to give up hope to return something, to fix it. You should let go of the memories, feelings with which you keep thinking about. Only then will the world change for the better, sparkle with new colors.

According to Vanga, the dream when you are pregnant from your ex partner means that former lovers are still connected on an energetic level. It is worth meeting with a partner from the past to dot the i's, to finally say goodbye. Otherwise, you can carry around all your life uncovered situations that prevent the emergence of new connections.

According to Freud, the dream reflects sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship with a current partner and, as a result, nostalgia for the ex, a secret attraction to a relationship with another man. The child symbolizes suppressed femininity, passion, energy that does not find a way out. You need to talk to your partner - share your desires, ask him about preferences in bed, thus changing the quality of intimate life.

    How do other interpreters explain pregnancy from your ex in a dream?
  • Longo - improving the financial situation;
  • Nostradamus - a joyful event;
  • Tsvetkov - a good deal or a good buy;
  • Jung - an important conversation;
  • Hasse - great surprise;
  • Loff - meeting a valuable person.

For unmarried young women, the vision is a reflection of the inner readiness for family life - the role of mother, wife, mistress. If the question of marriage for the dreamer is very relevant, the Universe will begin to contribute with all its might to its solution.

Long-term relationships will lead to the birth of a new unit of society. In the near future you will receive a marriage proposal from your loved one.

For married ladies, a similar dream appears on the eve of a personal crisis. But don't be in a hurry to get scared. A crisis is about the need for internal transformations on the threshold of the soul. When everything is fine in the family, the life is adjusted, the woman has the opportunity to take care of herself, to pay attention to her spiritual growth. It's time to make your old wishes come true.

Dreams of your own pregnancy from the ex do not bode badly for the young ladies. As a last resort, the vision serves as a clue for the best resolution of unpleasant situations.

Such a vision is a symbol of impending changes, which the dreamer anticipates intuitively, unconsciously strives for them. Even if this novelty seems undesirable at first glance, it will play a positive role in the future.

Sergii Haranenko
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