Rash Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about rash, you should prepare for a difficult period in your life, the dream books say, explaining why such a nuisance is seen in a dream. It is quite possible that you will have problems that will be small, but still capable of hindering the achievement of some goals. Remember how the rash in a dream looked like, who it was on and on what parts of the body - this will help you figure out what to expect from such a dream.

The dream book of the American psychologist Gustav Miller decodes the dream about rash on the body as the inability of the dreamer to accept the situation around him. You really don’t like something, but you either don’t understand what exactly doesn’t suit you, or you don’t have the opportunity to change anything.

And if you had a dream about an allergy-like rash on a person whom you really consider to be a close friend, this means the appearance of some tension in relations with him.

The Modern dream book assures that a dream of rash on one’s hands symbolizes problems with money and signing documentation. If on the eve of the conducting of an important transaction you see rash on your hands, especially on the palms, then it is better to reschedule the meeting and weigh the pros and cons once again.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you found urticaria on your arms and legs, should be taken as a warning to cancel a business trip, because it will bring nothing but lost time.

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The plot, in which you see red rashes on your face in a dream tells about the fact that your personal life is in danger, Tsvetkov’s dream book tells, explaining why this is seen in a dream.

If you dreamed that you had cheeks in a small red rash, this means that someone wants to denigrate you in the eyes of a lover. And if in a dream you see your face reflected in the mirror with acne on the chin or lips, this means that you can destroy your own happiness with your own words.

But in case of a dream about seeing one of your friends with pimples on her face, this is a sign that this girl wants to take your place in reality, taking the guy away from you, the Gypsy dream book says.

Deciphering dreams about rash on one’s head, Pastor Loff’s dream book predicts: this is a sign that you don’t know how to defend your opinion. Did you dream that pimples on the head are very itchy or sore? This is a sign that you do not like this state of affairs. You accept decisions of other people, act on the basis of their interests, but at the same time experience inner discomfort, because you are sure that your opinion and vision of some issues is more correct.

And if you dreamed that the rash does not bring you any problems and pain, this means that you are happy with this state of affairs. You are happy that someone else is deciding for you.

The Wanderer’s dreambook tells about the need to come to the rescue, explaining why the rash on the baby’s body is seen in a dream. If in a dream you see rash in a child spread all over his body, this means that some inexperienced colleague or comrade is in great need of help and support from you. A good sign is the plot in which you run your hand over the hives scattered throughout the body of a child, and it disappears without a trace. Such a vision means that you can help your friend.

Explaining the rash on your stomach in a dream, dream books argue that this is a symbol of irresponsible attitude to one’s own duties and reputation. Remember, if you scratched it heavily in a dream, then in reality your reputation may suffer because of the carelessness and connivance that you allow yourself. This will negatively affect the attitude of colleagues and friends towards you.

    If you notice rash on your skin in a dream, you should try to recall the nature of its origin, dream books advise. Here's what the plot in which there is rash on the skin means:
  • allergic - you’re tired of doing things that bring you neither joy nor money;
  • juvenile acne - inexperience can play a trick on you - ask for advice;
  • fungal - be careful when communicating with a strong opponent, he can harm you;
  • purulent - deception and dishonest actions will lead you to defeat and disappointments.
Sergii Haranenko
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