Allergy Dream Meaning

Seeing a dream about allergy is a sign or troubles, obstacles and losses. This night plot is also giving signals about the dreamer’s wrong attitude to outside factors and it results in incorrect behavior. Allergic reaction and itch in a dream is a promise of a well-provided young man who will make a proposal if it was seen by a young unmarried woman. If a woman sees rash on her body in a dream, she will have to choose between her family and lover. If a man has a dream about allergy this is a prediction of marriage to a woman with fortune but her temper will leave much to be desired.

Family people who see a dream about allergy can be sure that their financial problems end soon. If you saw rash on your body and treated it with ointment, the dream is telling you about an unseemly action. In spite of your efforts to hide it, it will be revealed. Your reputation can be spoiled. In general, dreams interpreters take allergy as rejection of some facts in the dreamer’s life. He should change his attitude to them. The dream image is warning that the person can lose adequate reaction and estimation of situation and he can become unprotected in front of any obstacles.

If you had a dream about allergy to strange stuff, such as a book, TV-show, communicating with some person, this shows you have to take other people’s deeds more restrained. You should better pay attention to your own behavior. Dreams about allergy show that the person will have to face a number of obstacles and problems. You will have to put all your efforts in order to overcome them. Having to cure allergy in a dream is a symbol of financial troubles.

If the rash on your hands was itching, this is an indication that you will not be able to overcome your problems without help. A child with rash symbolizes your worries about a relative. Allergy at your friend’s proves that your friends will always give you their shoulders in a difficult situation. If someone was suffering from allergy on his face, this is a symbol of difficulties in relations, quarrels and conflicts. The dream gives you a hint – you and the person you saw in your dream do not like and annoy each other. If the dreamer sees allergy on his face or hands, something will distract him from his goal.

If you had an allergy rash, this indicates that you will be chosen to handle some responsible business or public affair. You have to take it seriously because a lot can depend on the result on your work. Allergy on your body can indicate that you have ill-wishers whose intrigues will bring dishonor and disgrace.

What does ambrosia mean in dreams? It is a sign of problems with the lungs, bronchial allergies, diseases of the trachea, nasopharynx. If you pluck ambrosia in a dream, the disease intensifies.

There are many types of confusion (in particular, you can mix up and eat what you are usually allergic to): but most often confusion occurs when there are things in your life that you do not want to look at objectively. If confusion constantly occurs around you in a dream, try to look into the depths of your soul and find the truth there.

Sergii Haranenko
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