Raspberry Dream Meaning

What does seeing raspberries in dreams predict? According to the Alphabetical dreambook, this image means the following. Seeing thickets of wild raspberries in a dream foretells a joyful event, while gathering them signifies success in business.

Ripe and Sweet Raspberries: This is an indication of substantial profit. However, if the raspberries are overripe and falling from the bush, it suggests that a love affair may end abruptly, possibly due to your own foolishness rather than your own will.

Garden Raspberries: These indicate a serious danger coming from your business partners.

Cultivating Raspberry Bushes in Your Garden: In waking life, this means you might get involved in a scandalous story, which will then reach the media, bringing you unwanted notoriety.

Buying Raspberries: This signifies unnecessary expenses.Making jam from raspberries indicates that you will incur debts.

Drinking Raspberry Tea When Sick: This suggests that you might catch the flu or another infectious disease in real life.

Replanting Raspberries: This means you will engage in something that is not your business.

Uprooting a Raspberry Patch: This foretells a long journey that you will undertake against your will.

Selling Raspberry Seedlings: This means you are about to experience a series of continuous misfortunes.

According to the Modern dreambook, raspberries in a dream mean confusion in affairs or their neglect. Try to put them in order, and soon you will again feel a taste for your work.

If awoman eats raspberries in a dream, she may suffer due to her indirect involvement in some scandalous incident.

Some interpreters think that seeing a rich raspberry harvest in a dream means that in reality there will be no raspberries.

The Men’s dreambook provides the following interpretation. According to this interpreter, a dream about raspberries predicts a love affair.

Besides that, eating raspberries in a dream means a period of complete well-being in the field of love. You will meet a woman about whom, if you break up, you will have the most pleasant memories.

Picking raspberries from the bushes is a dream foreshadowing that your efforts and aspirations will soon bring long-awaited success. The one you are courting will be in your complete power.

Seeing or picking unripe raspberries - you should be patient; what you are trying to achieve will most likely remain inaccessible to you for a long time. On Mondays, this dream foreshadows headaches and quarrels with friends.

Seeing overripe raspberries means you need to pay more attention to your family.

According to the Women’s dreambook, if a woman eats raspberries in a dream, this should serve as a warning sign for her: it may happen that she will be suspected of involvement in something illegal. And in general, in cases where you dream of raspberries, you need to behave as carefully as possible so as not to give rise to gossip and unfair suspicions.

According to the Family dreambook, red, ripe, sweet raspberries in a dream are a good omen, foreshadowing pleasures, pleasant meetings and conversations.

Sour, unripe, green, rotten raspberries in a dream foreshadow grief, disappointment, discontent. Eating such berries in a dream means that disappointment, illness, discontent or slander awaits you.

    What kind of raspberries did you dream about?
  • white raspberries - means family happiness;
  • green berries - reluctance to take responsibility for anything;
  • yellow raspberries - predicts parting with a loved one;
  • black raspberries - a false accusation from a colleague;
  • blue raspberries - a minor domestic injury;
  • red berries - promise a love adventure;
  • pink raspberries - mean a trip in a female company;
  • forest raspberries - outdoor recreation with family;
  • blue raspberry - promises the realization of sexual desires;
  • crumpled raspberries - indicates overwork and the need to rest;
  • dry raspberry - means unrequited love;
  • tasty berries - a good mood;
  • rotten raspberry - the appearance of ill-wishers;
  • overripe raspberries - deterioration of reputation;
  • blooming raspberry - means receiving a declaration of love;
  • wild berries - warns of danger on the road;
  • frozen raspberry - problems in intimate life;
  • large raspberry - material well-being;
  • berries with mold - a conflict with neighbors;
  • raspberries with thorns - an unsuccessful love relationship.
Sergii Haranenko
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