Mildew Dream Meaning

It is impossible to say for sure if mold is a friend to people or an enemy. It originated on earth long before the appearance of a man on it. It is many millions years old. Mold is capable of both healing and killing. We treat it ambiguously in everyday life: we buy moldy cheese for a lot of money, and we disdainfully throw a moldy apple or a piece of bread into the trash. The fungus on the walls makes us sad, but in the test tube it gives us hope. We can talk about these microorganisms for a long time, but let's discuss something else. Namely, what it means if you see mold in your dream? Is it for better or for worse? What can we expect and what can we hope for? Let's ask the dream book why we see moldy foods in a dream and what does the fungus on the tiles portend for us?

Dreaming about mildew usually predicts quarrels, expenses and it may be a reflection of the dreamer’s infantilism.

Seeing mold on fruits in a dream means you may miss some little joy in the hectic work days. Be attentive to the little things, Miller's dream book advises.

If you dreamed of vegetables covered with a fungal bloom – this image means unexpected damages and financial losses. You may be spending too much or making an expensive purchase.

If you dreamed of bread with pink mold – this mean, you undeservedly offended someone in real life. The dream book advises you to think about how to fix the situation.

Blue cheese means that you are spending too much money on unnecessary things. It's time to start saving.

If you dreamed of moldiness in milk, juice or any other soft drink - for a girl, such a dream means that her relationship with her lover or husband is not so transparent. Someone is clearly deceiving someone. For men, a dream portends a quarrel with a friend.

Seeing mildew on the walls of a bathroom or kitchen in a dream means your environment will soon be tested for the strength of the relationship. Keep neutrality, do not join any groups, the dream book advises, and you will come out of the conflict with dignity.

Mildew on the walls of the bedroom means a major spat with a marriage partner. Do not get excited, think before you say anything, and the quarrel will fade away before it flares up.

Seeing fungal spots on the ceiling means your management will be dissatisfied with your work. Pay attention to the little things so as not to redo the work twice, the dream book recommends.

Dreaming of signs of fungus on a person – is a sign of a disease. If a person from a dream is familiar to you in reality, you will get sick, if you see a stranger – this image means the illness of a friend or relative.

If you dreamed of mildew on furniture - the dream book gives an ambiguous interpretation: on hard (frame) furniture – this means difficult relationships with friends, on upholstered furniture – means warm and sincere gatherings in the circle of loved ones.

Dreams that black mold covers all objects around you – such a dream portends deception or a false idea of people in reality.

Eating moldy bread in a dream – means you deceived someone in real life, now you suffer from this and are tormented by pangs of conscience. You should repent and apologize, the dream book gives advice.

Eating a loaf covered with pieces of noble mold cheese - an interesting social event or a noisy crowded party in an expensive place awaits you.

If dreamed that you were scraping rot from bread - the one you offended does not hold any grudge against you. But you have to apologize, the dream book recommends.

If you had a dream that you are scrubbing the mold on the ceiling and you are quite successful in doing this - the management will appreciate your efforts and will reward you for it.

If you dream that the mildew is on your body and you are trying to wash it off - in reality you will have to make excuses to someone. Think if there is a reason. If yes, prepare excuses in advance.

The dreambooks give brief interpretations of the mold seen in a dream depending on its color: green mold predicts a meeting with a rich person; white mold may be a symbol of coming wedding; black mold predicts a quarrel with business partner; red mold means getting rid of a bad habit.

    Depending on where you see the mold in a dream:
  • in the apartment on the wall - the envy of a colleague;
  • on products - trouble due to inaction;
  • on the ceiling - a reprimand at work;
  • in the parents' house - an unpleasant conversation with father or mother.

Seeing mold on the dishes predicts a scandal with your soul mate. Mold in the room of a child warns of his illness. Washing your hands from mold - means vain attempts to refute slander.

The dreambooks also provide positive meanings for mold seen in a dream. Mold on cheese in a dream may predict signing a lucrative contract. Throwing away moldy foods in a dream is a recipe for recovery. Wiping the mold off some surface – is a sign of favorable changes.

According to Miller, seeing mildew on the floor is a symbol of sad memories.

    According to Vanga's dream book:
  • mold on the body in a dream predicts humiliation;
  • mildew in the mouth - means low self-esteem;
  • in the ears - brings bad news;
  • on one’s hands - problems with the law;
  • mildew on the head - predicts worries.

If a woman dreamed that she was burning things spoiled by mold, this plot predicts a breakdown in relations with her partner, Loff’s dreambook thinks.

Mildew on shoes in a dream predicts coming debts.

Sergii Haranenko
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