Making Jam Dream Meaning

Jam is one of the main love symbols, which means passion, saturation, love adventure with dangerous consequences. But depending on the nuances of dreams, the interpretation varies. In any case, the taste of jam in night visions brings us back to physical desires and pleasures.

One of the common visions about jam is when you dream of cooking this treat. Making jam, according to Miller's dream book, means that a person has a problem with the sensual sphere. The person is completely given to the partner, forgetting about his own interests. And if you had such a dream, this means this problem interferes with your life, and it's time to do something about it. The subconscious requires a person to pay attention to his own needs.

Other dream books claim that cooking jam in night dreams is a sign of heavy thought that will not lead to anything good. It is understood that a person will think about his personal life.

    The interpretation of dreams is greatly influenced by which berry jam appeared in a dream:
  • Cherry jam. If this was cherry without pits in a jar, this indicates good news that is not expected.
  • Gooseberry jam predicts a meeting with old friends. For example, a meeting with classmates, where you have to be careful and not allow yourself anything excessive.
  • Currant jam symbolizes not only love success, but also financial success.
  • Blueberries jam in a dream invites guests to the house.
  • Green berries or fruits from which jam was made in a dream speak of unpreparedness for a serious love relationship. Perhaps there is a not very reliable person nearby who inclines you to do things that you do not want to do. Don't give in.
  • Fruit trees jam. Fruit jam from pears and apples, which appears in the form of a freshly cooked delicacy, signals to us that very soon a lot of financial luck will fall on you. But you have to be careful, problems in your personal life can come along with money. Do not give in to a fleeting desire, take care of your loved ones.
  • Raspberries jam. Raspberry jam in a dream is the most pleasant symbol, meaning a strong connection with a single partner.
  • And strawberry jam, on the contrary, speaks of dissatisfaction with one’s personal life.
  • Jam from peaches and other exotic fruits. Peach jam betrays your indecent desires in a dream. Perhaps, by your behavior, others have already understood what kind of person you are and this spoils your reputation greatly.

If you make and prepare sweet jam for the winter, this means a long journey awaits you. It's time to start preparing for it.

If someone else was making jam in your dream, then, according to dream books, the relationship with this person is in very bad condition. In reality, it's time to figure out what's going on between you and either improve relations or stop communicating before a scandal happens.

A dream of jam in a jar indicates that your desire has little chance of coming true. You have to do a lot to make your dreams come true. According to the dream book of Nostradamus, jam in a jar symbolizes your nature that is too rational. You have conserved your desires (berries) like in a jar and now you are losing many opportunities and joys. It's time to open the lid and let the feelings out.

If you bought a jar of jam, this means the dreamer will have an exciting journey, in which there will be a place for love adventures. Taking out a jam jar from your house in a dream signals to you that you are unhappy and the person you love does not pay any attention to you. It is worth considering whether you need such a person.

If you dream about black jam in the jar, this indicates that you are ashamed of your behavior, which is very welcome by those around you. Reconsider your views on behavior in society.

The Eastern dream book claims that eating jam in a dream means finding a lover or mistress soon. The relationship will be illegal, but passionate.

If a person dreams that he eats jam, this means that he strives for carnal pleasures, not at all caring how it looks from the side. The voluptuousness of such a person makes him engaged in very promiscuous intimate relationships.

A lot of jam seen in a dream symbolizes something that pleases your soul.

Sergii Haranenko
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