Black Berries Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of black berries seen in a dream? The Gypsy dream book compares black berries with chores, troubles and disappointments. But other interpreters promise a sea of temptations if you happen to see juicy pulp in a dream. To determine why dark-colored fruits appear in a dream, experts recommend considering even the smallest details of the plot.

Why do black berries come to our dreams? Popular dream books interpret this image in different ways. Most often, both psychologists and esotericists consider it a symbol of exacerbations in relationships and well-being. However, sometimes the sweet gifts of gardens and forests are a sign of success.

    Miller's dream book pays attention to such details about dark-colored berries:
  • buying, gathering them - represents the ability to carry out unrealizable projects;
  • feasting on black berries - predicts delights, romantic meetings;
  • to treat someone with dark berries - means rupture of relations, established ties;
  • getting stained with berries - getting into trouble;
  • scattering the black berries - intrigues and slander;
  • cooking jam from them - a sign of sadness.

If you dreamed that you had a chance to buy only selected berries on the market, it means that huge troubles are foreseen both at work and at home, which will lead to instant profit. Small and dried dark berries, on the other hand, signal a temporary stagnation in business.

Tsvetkov's dream book describes why large black berries appear in a dream in an interesting way. The psychologist is sure that the dreamer will experience surprise in the coming days. Some of the relatives will please with their successes and achievements.

Seeing black berries in a dream, eating them and enjoying is a symbol of sensual pleasures in waking life. It turns out that there is a period of romantic acquaintances ahead. Love adventures await everyone who really liked the treat in a dream.

Freud's dream book explains in his own way why raspberries, blackberries, black currants appear in dreams. The sweet and sour taste in the mouth arises in people who have to fall into a whirlpool of temptations.

The Family dream book interprets black berries not very optimistically. For many psychotherapists and esotericists, they are associated with a gap in family affairs, quarrels and squabbles. Cranberries, lingonberries, gooseberries promise attention from unpleasant persons.

Treating your business partners in a dream, colleagues – predicts unpromising projects, deliberately losing deals. Try not to sign important papers and financial documents for a while.

If you dreamed about a black berries that stained your clothes , hands , face, beware of confusion and fuss. Unnecessary worries at the workplace will fill your free time and you will definitely miss serious questions concerning the life of your family and friends.

In addition, dirty spots symbolize the dreamer's tainted reputation. You will no longer be trusted with important contracts, profitable transactions. After a while you will find a person who constantly harms and desires you evil in your environment.

Viburnum, mountain ash that darkened right in front of your eyes in a dream denote emotional intensity, incontinence, strong irritation. In the foreseeable future, a jealousy scandal is brewing. Make sure that the anger does not reach the maximum limit, otherwise, there is a risk of being left without a loved one for a long period. Imbalance will affect your physical health as well.

Cooking blueberry or blackberry jam is a symbol of sad events. Incidents may not affect you personally. However, grief will surely affect your family, colleagues, neighbors, friends.

Dark-colored raspberries and currants speak of forthcoming useless worries, vain expectations. Most likely, one of your relatives will let you down and cause a lot of problems at the most inopportune moment.

Sergii Haranenko
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