Revenge Dream Meaning

Vengeance dream symbolism

What does retaliating in dreams mean? Dreams of revenge may be a manifestation of suppressed emotions, particularly anger or frustration. It could signify unresolved conflicts or unresolved feelings towards someone in your waking life. The dream might be an outlet for these pent-up emotions, allowing you to release and process them in a safe environment.

Dreams of revenge can symbolize a desire for justice or a need to restore balance in a situation where you have felt wronged or treated unfairly. It may reflect a longing to confront those who have caused you harm or to make them understand the impact of their actions.

Taking revenge in dreams can also indicate power and control dynamics taking place in your waking life. It may suggest feelings of powerlessness or a desire to regain control over a situation. The dream might be a reflection of your subconscious attempt to assert yourself and restore a sense of empowerment.

Dreaming about revenge can serve as an opportunity for self-reflection and healing. They may invite you to explore the underlying causes of your anger or desire for revenge and to address any unresolved issues within yourself. The dream might be a sign that it is time to let go of negative emotions and find healthier ways to cope with conflicts.

Sometimes, dreams of vengeance may not necessarily be about seeking actual revenge but could symbolize other emotions or desires. It's important to consider the specific details and emotions within the dream to gain a deeper understanding of what the revenge symbolizes for you personally.

Revenge-related dreams

According to the 20th century dreambook, thirst for revenge in a dream is a sign that dangerous tension has accumulated in your soul.

If a dream is not associated with specific life situations, it means that some half-forgotten things are latently weighing you down and gradually preventing you from living.

Inability to satisfy your vindictive feelings in reality portends you a large number of complications.

If in reality you don’t find a way to somehow solve your old problems, for example, forgive past grievances or achieve fair satisfaction, the accumulated tension can gradually destroy your life.

Being satisfied with fair retribution in a dream is a good sign.

It is even better if you sincerely forgive your offenders and experience relief. Such a dream says that it seems that your negative tension is starting to subside, and changes for the better may occur in your life in the near future.

According to the Modern dreambook, taking revenge on someone in a dream is a sign of cowardice and cruelty, which will bring you a lot of grief in relationships with friends.

The Feng Shui dreambook gives the following interpretations:

Taking revenge on enemies – is a sign of trouble, or the loss of friends.

If a woman takes revenge on her husband's mistress, this means divorcing her husband.

Seeing avenging enemies ( competitors) means a big profit in business.

If a soldier takes revenge on enemies, this may mean death in war.

If the employee takes revenge on his boss, this is a sign of dismissal.

If the traveler takes revenge on a stranger, this plot predicts difficulties along the way.

According to the Newest dreambook, blood feud seen in a dream means you should expect trouble from a distant relative.

Revenge Biblical meaning

In Biblical interpretations, revenge is generally discouraged as it goes against the teachings of love, forgiveness, and justice. The Bible emphasizes the importance of showing kindness, compassion, and forgiveness towards others, even in the face of wrongdoing. Revenge is seen as a negative and destructive response that can perpetuate a cycle of harm and hinder personal growth.

The Bible encourages followers to love one another and to forgive those who have wronged them. Dreams of revenge may serve as a reminder to examine one's heart and assess whether there are unresolved feelings of anger, bitterness, or the need for retribution.

The Bible teaches that justice ultimately belongs to God. Dreams of revenge may signify a lack of trust in God's ability to bring about justice in His own time and way. It is important to remember that seeking revenge is not our role as believers, but rather trusting in God's justice and leaving matters in His hands.

Instead of seeking revenge, biblical principles promote reconciliation and working towards restoring relationships through dialogue, understanding, and forgiveness.

The Bible teaches that we should not repay evil with evil but overcome evil with good. Dreaming about revenge may be an opportunity to examine our responses to injustice.

Sergii Haranenko
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