Having Feelings Dream Meaning

What does experiencing different feelings mean in dreams? When we sleep, feelings like hunger or heat are not perceived consciously. However, the physical stimulus reaches our subconscious through the senses. For example, if you are cold because the blanket has slipped off, you dream that you are cold. A dream in which a sensory impression influences what one sees in a dream is called a stimulus dream.

Thus, in a dream, basic needs - hunger and thirst - can suddenly declare themselves.

A dream about having some feelings often reflects a physical need. Perhaps the bladder is full, and the dreamer is now looking for a toilet in a dream. Or a person is thirsty in a dream and sees a glass of water in front of him. In order to interpret a dream, it is important to distinguish whether the pictures are actually stimulating or if something deeper is being processed here.

The interpretation of a dream depends on the type of sensory impression. If the dreamer suddenly became cold, the trigger may be a cool breeze in the room.

However, dreaming of cold (flu) may be a call to better take care of your own health. In addition, such a stimulating dream often indicates emotional coldness, loneliness and alienation from the environment.

The same is true for the case when the dreamer feels hot. The symbol of this dream can be a consequence of external perception, as well as a reminder to keep cool. This exciting dream often reflects uncontrolled passions.

Dream-stimulus is based on needs such as hunger or thirst. Here, too, you may see this plot due to a real lack of food and liquid. Perhaps the dreamer reduced the amount of food due to diet or limited drinking during the fasting period.

However, in a dream, hunger can indicate greed and call for moderation. And thirst often means inner restlessness. The dreamer is worried, because, despite all efforts, nothing works out for him.

Stimulating dream can also reflect physical sensory impressions. However, the symbol of the dream can draw your attention to problems that are dormant in the subconscious. So both cold and heat in a dream can be a sign of an impending illness. The psyche unconsciously perceives bodily signals and transmits them to consciousness in a dream.

However, the dream symbol can express detachment and repressed feelings. It can be hot emotions such as anger or jealousy. Pleasant warmth in a dream indicates that a person is physically healthy and feels safe.

Hunger and thirst sometimes reflect physical needs, and sometimes emotional and spiritual ones. Transcendentally, the dream reflects spiritual passion or loss.

A stimulus dream sometimes draws the dreamer's attention to the fact that he actually lacks calories or fluids. However, in a dream, the subconscious mind can also sound the alarm: the dreamer lacks psychological vitality. The desire to drink can be a symbol of the desire for peace of mind. If the dreamer quenches his thirst, this means he will be able to satisfy his needs properly.

Negative feelings in a dream (for example, despair, displeasure, envy, insult) usually have the opposite meaning in reality.

Feelings of bewilderment, sadness, longing, regret most often have a literal meaning.

    Brief dream meanings by the Noble dreambook:
  • Rejoicing in a dream - confidence in your affairs.
  • Rejoicing furiously - symbolizes sadness.
  • Laughing - the goal will not be achieved.
  • Laughing uncontrollably - means sadness.
  • Curiosity in a dream - beware of gullibility.
  • Experiencing strong excitement - striving for clear self-consciousness.
  • Crying in a dream - joy and good things.
  • Feeling offended - disputes with loved ones.
  • Experiencing remorse - your adviser is right.
  • Feeling irritation - a good friend will help you.
  • To feel indignation - means living in peace, but in an unfavorable environment.
  • Feeling aversion to people - caution is needed.
  • Aversion to objects - there is a problem with your stomach.
  • To feel envy - a faithful heart cannot forget you.
  • Feeling pity - you have the right to a clear conscience.
  • Experiencing anger - fidelity; a joyful day ahead.
  • Raging in anger - a small mistake will have dire consequences for you.
  • Carrying out revenge in a dream - you cannot achieve justice for a long time.
  • Experiencing fear in a dream - danger from joyful hopes. Secret worries that you drive away during the day; danger from what you love. Feelings of guilt, obsessions.
  • Shame and disgrace in a dream - beware of trusting others; interference from your own incontinence in feelings.
  • To be slandered - beware of thoughtlessly divulging a secret.
  • To sue in a dream - you will be ridiculed.
  • Being late in a dream - sign of misfortune.
  • Being lazy in a dream, or being indifferent - means sadness, loss.
  • To be stingy in a dream, to be greedy - you have to go through horror.
  • Being cruel in a dream - you will have to leave your home.
Sergii Haranenko
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