Sausages Dream Meaning

The sausage in a dream personifies the conventions and life position of a sleeping person. What this product means in a dream is explained by the dream book by the presence of disagreements between the dreamer and those around him.

Sausages in Miller’s dream book define the facets of your nature. Eating a sausage with pleasure, not hiding your delight, personifies the open nature of a sleeping person who does not attach importance to conventions. Buying a sausage in dough (hot-dog) to have a snack on the go, tells the dream book that you spend most of your time working, forgetting about loved ones, which may cause small disagreements in the family.

The 21st century dream interpretation explains why cooking and eating sausages is seen in a dream by unpleasant incidents in reality, misunderstanding and quarrels between the dreamer and those around him.

If you dreamed that you happened to fry sausages in a dream or bake them in dough, this means that in real life you will have to face unpleasant events or receive disappointing news. Seeing a dream like this for girls promises loneliness in the next few weeks, or even months.

To buy sausages (by weight), according to the Modern combined dream book, predicts a possible deception or adultery. To lovers, a dream of vision predicts a long separation.

It’s easy to guess what the sausage product means in Dr. Freud’s dream book. So, in a dream, sausage is a phallic symbol, therefore eating or frying this dish the interpreter personifies with sexual intercourse.

Seeing the sausages in the package lying in the refrigerator symbolizes a delayed or forgotten sexual relationship. To peel the sausages in a dream indicates problems with potency or loss of sexual attractiveness. Seeing spoiled foods - predicts the disease of the genitals, the loss of an intimate partner.

According to the Modern dream book, dreams of peeling and eating sausages portend a frivolous commission of an unseemly act, the consequences of which will be reflected by a boomerang on a sleeping person. Feeling aversion to sausages in a dream, speaks of a biased and demanding attitude towards others, which often causes squabbles and conflicts.

To feel the pleasure of eating boiled sausages in a dream speaks about the wrong position and actions of the dreamer, who does not attach importance to established rules and principles in society.

To see that sausages are in a package or in a large bundle speaks about the dreamer's tendency to dreams and fantasies, rather than to actions and solving problems in reality. Changes in the situation in the near future are not expected. You should try to fantasize less and finally begin to take some action.

If you dreamed that you buy sausages to feed your pets – this is a good sign that promises mutual sympathy, good luck on the love front and in relationships with loved ones. Also, a similar plot speaks of the correct life position and priorities of the dreamer.

Cooking sausages in dough or other dishes, portends a small income. Perhaps, during the execution of your plans in reality, you should globally evaluate the existing prospects.

Sergii Haranenko
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