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Pets Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of pets that your house is full of, then this dream is unlikely to predict anything. But if you saw in a dream your favorite pet that lived with you in childhood or another animal, then in such cases you should be puzzled by the question of why you saw such a plot. Depending on what the animal did and how it looked, the interpretation of a dream will also change, the dream books say.

According to Miller’s dream book, to see pets in a dream is a symbol of friendship and love relationships. However, with the same success, such dreams can mean the “acquisition” of enemies, if the animal in a dream was black.

If you dreamed that you were petting a dog - you would get your own home; calming down an angry cat – you will remove all obstacles on the way to the goal; and if you gave a treat of a hungry beast, it means finding a true friend.

    The dream books pay attention to what kind of pets you saw in a dream. Compare:
  • cat - a sign of an enemy;
  • the dog predicts good relationship;
  • cattle - a sign of monetary work;
  • geese or another bird - a messenger of empty talk;
  • snakes promise a troubled situation;
  • the turtle was seen in a dream - wait for delays in business.

If you had a dream about a pet supposedly living in your house, although this does not exist in reality, this plot suggests that you will find happiness soon, the Eastern Dream Book predicts. It is especially good when there were a lot of these little animals in a dream. According to the definition of a dream book by Vanga, many animals living in an apartment are a sign of imminent wealth.

Tsvetkov’s dream book will help understand why the wounded animal that you picked up on the street is seen in a dream: be prepared for unexpected surprises. Did you take a lot of animals to cure? Get ready to help your friends.

It is not very pleasant to see deceased pets in a dream. But be that as it may, not all dream oracles promise trouble for those who have seen such dreams. So, for example, according to the Gypsy interpreter, a deceased animal, peacefully resting in the warmth of your shelter, is just a sign to choose another path.

It is worse if you see that a beloved living creature dies on the street – this means you will make a mistake. And if you dreamed that your favorite pet was dying at the doorstep, then you should not plan any trips.

The dream book of Pastor Loff is trying to explain why you dream of a living animal which died long ago in reality. If the death of a pet has brought you suffering, then dreams in which an animal friend returns to you alive indicate a desire to return to the past. Perhaps to fix some errors. Did you survive the pet’s death calmly in reality? Then it is a symbol of sadness and remorse.

And here, a dream in which you see that an animal living in reality has died is a sign of rethinking life values ​​and the transition from one stage of life to another.

It is worth turning to the Wanderer's dream book for the answer, why you dream of acquiring a pet. Feeding a stray animal in a dream and calling it to your home is a signal that you want to make friends.

Did you dream that you were feeding a neighbor's dog? You are probably not very friendly with your neighbor, and want to change that. But to feed the animal that you are afraid of in a dream is a sign of the dreamer's desire to overcome his own fears.

Did you bury dead or killed animals in a dream? This is a harbinger of a breakup. You need to decide which of them burdens you, and boldly break these relations.

Sergii Haranenko

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