Sitting On A Toilet Dream Meaning

Sitting on the toilet in a dream usually predicts a calm and favorable life period. Besides that, a dream that you sat on toilet predicts success in your professional activity or a long-awaited meeting with a good friend.

If a girl dreams she is sitting on a toilet, this image speaks of reckless actions; if a woman had such a dream, this is a sign of mistakes due to stubbornness.

Some dreambooks think that sitting on the toilet is a dream is a sign of demotion or dismissal after a quarrel with the boss.

A dream in which you were sitting on the toilet and shit poured over the top could promise a conflict with your family.

Where were you sitting on a toilet in a dream?

  • sitting on a toilet in a crowded place - changes in personal life;
  • sitting in a public toilet - disease;
  • sitting in the toilet at home - good luck in business;
  • sitting on a toilet on the street - participating in a dubious deal.;
  • sitting on a toilet in a store among people - the need to make a choice between family and career;
  • sitting on a toilet in the middle of the concert hall - trouble.

Who was present when you sat on toilet in a dream?

  • sitting on toilet in front of everyone - realization of guilt for bad deeds;
  • being on the toilet in front of people - paying off debts;
  • sitting on toilet in front of a man - serious financial problems;
  • sitting on toilet in front of strangers - a serious and prolonged illness.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about sitting on the toilet?

  • Sitting on the toilet in a public place means a scandal in the family due to the fault of the dreamer.
  • If you dreamed that the child was sitting on the toilet, this means serious trouble and conflict with loved ones.
  • Sitting on a dirty toilet means disappointment in your personal life.
  • Sitting on a toilet full of shit - a period of failure.
  • Sitting on the toilet and washing it means a waste of time.

What are the Top-5 positive meanings of sitting on a toilet in a dream?

  • Sitting on a golden toilet in a dream means getting long-awaited results from work.
  • Sitting on a broken toilet - a new serious relationship.
  • Sitting on a metal toilet - self-confidence.
  • Reading a book while sitting on the toilet promises a happy family life.
  • Sitting on the toilet with someone and crapping - wealth.
    Sitting on a toilet brief dream meanings:
  • sitting on the toilet and peeing - achieving the goal;
  • being naked and sitting on the toilet - receiving good news;
  • sitting on the toilet instead of a chair - committing a rash act;
  • sitting on a toilet for a very long time - a quarrel with your father;
  • sitting on a toilet that was without a cover - the beginning of a profitable business;
  • if a woman dreamed that she sat on the toilet and peed at once, this is a sign of pregnancy;
  • sitting on a toilet and waking up immediately - unfair accusations from a friend;
  • sitting on toilet and falling into it - promises money;
  • sitting on the toilet and talking to someone - slander from friends;
  • sitting and urinating in the presence of someone (for woman) - the lack of understanding on the part of relatives;
  • sitting on the toilet and crying (for woman) - promotion;
  • noticing blood in the stool - the need to settle disagreements with a partner;
  • if a girl sat on the same toilet with her boyfriend - this means parting with him.
Sergii Haranenko
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