Urinating Dream Meaning

Depending on the circumstances, urinating in a dream can either be prophetic or reflect dangerous changes in the body. Many dreambooks are paying attention to this topic, and, explaining why we dream about urination, in some moments show surprising unanimity.

Seeing yourself urinating in a dream means subconscious desire of the person to free from aggression that was accumulating for a long time. Besides that such a dream may predict getting rid of troubles and family relations improvement, as well as the change of professional activity.

In general terms, a dream indicates release from accumulated aggression, preparation for a new stage of personal growth.

Wanting to pee in a dream means receiving an invitation to a festive event; a dream about hiding in the bushes and urinating - symbolizes the emergence of secrets.

Urine in a dream is a symbol of a fiery, demonic beginning. Its excess increases energy to the level when activity develops into rage. Peeing with relief in a dream personifies liberation from black thoughts and bitterness. Internal cleansing prepares a person for a new level - prosperity and goodness.

In his dreambook Freud gives his interpretation of what it means to urinate with a feeling of bliss in a dream - a person will be freed from his complexes.

Dream about difficult, painful urination foretells a new appointment. Such image also means that a person has serious problems with the condition of the urogenital system. He should definitely visit a doctor.

According to Miller’s dreambook, urine reflects the body’s fatigue, urinating - foreshadows diseases. Muddy urine leads to a serious illness, and urinating blood causes the illness of someone of blood relatives.

According to Vanga, complexes, the desire to dominate, are reflected in dreams, where the dreamer defiantly urinates in public. If this happens at work, it means that the person seeks to get the highest position and the best equipment. If at home – he intends to use someone else's property. In fact, he will experience unforeseen difficulties, failures.

If the dreamer was urinating on another person in a dream, it results from the desire to humiliate him in real life. In reality it will result in a fierce quarrel, confrontation with a person whom the dreamer perceives as an opponent.

Wetting the bed in a dream is a reflection of feelings of guilt and anxiety that goes into a dream where a person feels guilty in an awkward situation. This dream also means you have to sort out your feelings and thoughts.

A dream about enuresis means that a person is too tired to cope with his work and needs vacation.

The place where you were peeing in a dream also plays an important role in image interpretation. If you did it somewhere in secret this plot predicts a stupid bad act. To urinate on the floor, according to the dreambooks, is a sign of strengthening your financial position.

If a person saw how he urinated in a bucket or pot in a dream, this means he got into serious trouble.

What does a dream about urinating means for a man? This is a symbol of lack of harmony with oneself and others. For a woman such a dream may predict a quarrel with her husband; when a young girl dreams of urinating, this may symbolize unrequited love.

If the dreamer urinates into the toilet, he is predicted a new high position. A dream of urinating in the toilet in a dream can also predict a love date.

Where did you see yourself urinating in a dream?

  • urinating in the toilet bowl - promotion at work;
  • urinating past the toilet in a dream - predicts loss;
  • dream of peeing in the toilet - sign of a love date;
  • urinating on the street - sign of guilt and anxiety;
  • dream of peeing on the floor - strengthening the financial situation;
  • urinating into the bucket in a dream - a major loss of money;
  • dreaming of urinating in public - following your desires contrary to public opinion;
  • peeing on the ground in a dream - the acquisition of a land plot;
  • urinating into the water - the beginning of a successful life stage;
  • urinating into one's bed - minor problems that a partner will help you sort out;
  • dreaming of urine in the potty - money waste;
  • dream about urinating in the bathtub - the dreamer's bad deed will entail sad consequences;
  • peeing in the wrong place in a dream - meeting an interesting person;
  • urinating on some things - is a symbol of wealth;
  • dream of urinating into a jar - predicts divorce and property division;
  • peeing into a bottle - sign of minor troubles;
  • urinating into the dirt in a dream - treason on the part of a loved one;
  • urinating on the wooden floor - an unjustified risk;
  • peeing on the sofa in a dream - means participating in an interesting event;
  • urinating in a glass container - a long-awaited expensive purchase;
  • peeing in a saucepan - reflects self-doubt in one's strengths;
  • dream about urinating into the well - the risk of getting into an awkward position;
  • peeing on a chair - a pleasant surprise from loved ones;
  • dreaming of urinating on one's face - means receiving good news;
  • urinating into the grave - regret about sexual relationship with an unfamiliar person;
  • peeing into the sea - a long period of trouble and failure;
  • peeing on the carpet in a dream - promises a new romance;
  • urinating in the cellar - domestic quarrels with family members;
  • peeing into the river - means the need to solve other people's problems.

What kind of urine did you see in your dream?

  • peeing blood - you will have to take care of seriously ill relatives;
  • urinating for a long time - the emergence of prospects for professional growth and development;
  • a dream of peeing a lot - symbolizes great joy.

What are the Top-10 positive meanings of urinating in a dream?

  • Urinating for a long time and experiencing relief at the same time portends the dreamer the appearance of positive emotions in real life and getting rid of burdensome worries.
  • Gathering urine sample for analysis - predicts the receipt of large sums of money.
  • If someone peed on the dreamer - this means luck in any field.
  • Urinating down the toilet and flushing - is a sign of promotion.
  • Pissing and stepping into a puddle is a sign of fun pastime.
  • To see urine drops around the toilet - means winning a large amount in the lottery.
  • Wetting yourself and cleaning up after yourself - achieving the goal.
  • To relieve your need on a person - means getting rid of ill-wishers.
  • If you dreamed that a little girl was pissing, this means a new romantic relationship.
  • looking at your own urine - means unexpected sex with a colleague or friend who is married (by Freud).

What are the Top-10 negative dream plots about urinating?

  • To relieve your need furtively in the wrong place - the dreamer can commit a bad deed that will have irreparable consequences.
  • Feeling embarrassed when urinating in public place promises a serious illness in reality.
  • Feeling the unpleasant smell of your urine - someone harbors a grudge against the dreamer and is trying to harm him.
  • Peeing into a broken toilet in a dream speaks of a conflict with a former partner.
  • Urinating into a clogged toilet - is a sign of overwork.
  • Urine with blood appears in dreams before an accident, as a result of which close people will suffer greatly.
  • Pouring urine on your boss - means dismissal or demotion.
  • Peeing on the street - the loss of reputation.
  • Pissing elderly woman - danger and conflict.
  • Strangers urinated on you - there will be a long treatment for a serious illness.

Biblical meaning of urinating in a dream

Urinating in a dream can symbolize a desire for spiritual or emotional cleansing. It may represent a need to release negative emotions, burdens, or impurities in your life. The dream could be indicating a desire for a fresh start or a sense of renewal.

Urination in a dream can also signify the act of letting go or releasing something that is no longer good for you. It may represent the need to rid yourself of unhealthy habits, toxic relationships, or negative influences in your waking life.

Dreams about urinating can also relate to issues of personal boundaries and control. It may symbolize asserting your independence, asserting your needs, or establishing boundaries in relationships or situations where you may feel overwhelmed or powerless.

Urinating in a dream can be associated with the need for emotional expression or the release of pent-up emotions. It may indicate a desire to express yourself more openly or to release emotions that have been suppressed.

In some cases, urinating in a dream can represent waste or excess in your life. It may symbolize the need to eliminate unnecessary or unproductive aspects from your life and focus on what truly matters.

Urine dream meaning

Urine is a bodily fluid that represents waste and the need for elimination. Dreaming about urine can symbolize the need to release or let go of something in your waking life. It may suggest the need to rid yourself of negative emotions, toxic relationships or some situation.

Urine in dreams is also meaning getting inheritance with the help of which he will be able to solve his financial problems. If the urine in your dream was black or contained sediment, this may mean health problems or complications after operation.

Where did you see the urine?

  • urine in a jar - getting rid of a bad habit or cure alcoholism;
  • urine in a bucket - the emergence of a passive source of income;
  • pee on the face - gossip in the work team;
  • urine in the bed - recovery;
  • pee in the toilet - improving relations with parents;
  • urine on the floor - receiving a valuable prize.
Sergii Haranenko
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