Public Toilet Dream Meaning

In a dream, a public toilet is considered a favorable symbol, a harbinger of satisfying basic needs. At the same time, interpreting what the restroom means in a dream, the dream book takes into account the intimate specifics of this institution. First of all, the meaning of the dream concerns those who have something to hide in reality.

The sorceress Medea claims that a dirty public toilet is a much more favorable symbol than one in which perfect cleanliness reigns. Suspicious clean latrine personifies unrealizable hopes.

When one happens to see a dirty street toilet, the dream book promises a good income. But it is unlikely you would like to talk about its source.

A fall into the toilet hole actually portends an extraordinary career or financial take-off, unexpected large profits, luck.

The dreambook has yet another explanation for what a dirty toilet in a dream. A visit to this room portends the opportunity to finally fulfill your erotic fantasies that previously seemed obscene or forbidden.

The dream in which you rush into a public toilet is often inspired by completely natural needs, reminiscent of yourself in a dream. The rush to the public toilet can also be a harbinger of a romantic acquaintance and an unforgettable date.

The one who happened to wash the toilets in a dream, is awaiting promotion in office. You had a classic "reverse dream”. There is another interesting interpretation of what it means to wash this common area. The dreamer will become aware of the dark affairs of one famous person.

If you had a dream that you happened to wash a public toilet, the dream book advises you to think over the official version of the origin of all kinds of bonuses received not in the most honest way.

If there is a broken, clogged, or for some other reason unusable toilet bowl in a dream, this means the sleeping person will have extraordinary luck, an exceptionally joyful event.

When you happen to build a toilet for general use with your own hands in a dream, the plot promises that you will be able to get well-being for yourself and others with your own efforts.

There is an explanation in the dream book of a toilet room in which you can see both men and women at the same time. It seems that you find yourself in an extremely non-standard, confusing story in real life. Only you can find a way out of the situation.

If you dreamed that at the crucial moment the toilet was not where you used to see it, this means that financial support may not come on time. Dream Interpretation recommends deferring part of the available funds for a rainy day.

Do not rush to be upset if in a dream your home restroom was turned into a public toilet. Dreaming means that new people will enter your life. Dream Interpretation believes that we are talking about pleasant and promising acquaintances.

If you dreamed that you opened a wrong door in an unfamiliar building and mistakenly ended up in a restroom, it is very likely that in reality you have unreasonably high hopes for a futile project, build illusions and create idols for yourself.

Sergii Haranenko
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