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Toilet Dream Meaning

Sigmund Freud believed that the more unusual the dream is, the greater is the semantic load in it. Surprisingly, the toilet seen in a dream often symbolizes financial prosperity and profit. For example, if in a dream you are in trouble while you relieve yourself, then you have to beware of evil gossip in real life.

A Modern dream book believes that a clean and tidy toilet does not portend any changes in the near future and speaks of a calm, measured course of life events.

Going into someone else's toilet in a dream is a symbol of a new interesting acquaintance, which will be very useful for you in the future.

If you fell through the toilet and got dirty with feces, this dream is a sign of welfare, prosperity and good profit.

Cleaning your own or someone else's toilet in a dream symbolizes the disclosure of dishonest acts and deception when making a profit. Constructing or repairing of a toilet promises life in abundance.

Reading the newspaper while doing your natural needs speaks about the calm course of life events, financial stability and good relations with close people.

To dream in the toilet bowl brings upcoming changes in life. You have to get rid of all that is old and unnecessary. Such a dream prompts to leave in the past experiences, doubts and failures and think about a happy future.

If you saw a big beautiful room that turned to be just a lavatory, such plot shows that you are paying too much attention to some project.

If you had a dream about dilapidated toilet requiring repair, one can expect some difficulties in affairs.

If you hurried up into the lavatory because you felt the need, this can be a sign of a date or romantic adventure.

Search for a toilet in a dream is a sign of material difficulties in real life, the search for financial support. A sign of a bad outcome of the upcoming events is an absolutely clean toilet.

If you are dreaming of a dirty toilet bowl, then this, on the contrary, is a symbol of wealth and the successful resolution of the planned undertakings.

Sergii Haranenko

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