Stock Dream Meaning

What does stock mean in dreams? Securities seen in dreams symbolize false promises and empty hopes. The dream suggests that in reality your success may turn out to be just as paper.

Earning income from securities in a dream is a sign that you may be going to make a profit in a not entirely honest way.

Seeing a person selling shares in a dream is a warning that in some case you can be seriously deceived and you are ready to believe empty promises.

According to the Newest dreambook, a dream about owning stock – is a sign of material losses when you especially need money.

If you own a controlling stake, expect radical changes in your life very soon.

If you dream that you are buying stocks - a dream warns you that your children may have problems and you will have to work hard. But in the end everything will be fine.

If you see yourself in a dream selling shares, you may expect a good offer in real life; the unexpectedness of the situation lies in the fact that such an offer may come from your competitors - from whom you did not expect anything apart from tricks and setups.

If in a dream you are given shares, be prepared for the fact that someone from your environment (a friend or close relative) may betray you and your interests; it will be good if the betrayal is not committed, but it will be useful for you to pay attention - is everyone around you completely sincere when discussing your personal or general problems?

If in a dream you burn stocks and see black smoke at the same time, this means big losses await you.

The red flame seen during burning: symbolizes quick success in business and profit.

If in a dream you bought shares or other securities, in reality you will have worries about your business or work.

The dream in which you sell shares says that your relationship with loved ones or friends will improve significantly.

Sergii Haranenko
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