Gold Bars Dream Meaning

Why do you dream of real gold bars? The dream book is sure that this is one of the best dream signs. In a dream it promises prosperity in all areas of life, a solution to a difficult problem, and happy love. But for a more complete deciphering of the dream, you will have to delve into its details.

This precious metal in its purest form (nuggets, sand, etc.) symbolizes creativity, spiritual knowledge, wisdom in a dream. Why do you dream of gold bars? They are a universal symbol of power, strength, moderate wealth and purity of thoughts.

It is good even just holding a gold bar in a dream, the dream book guarantees the fulfillment of the desired and overall success. However, seeing a large pile of gold is always bad. This is an omen of severe trials associated with financial difficulties, illness.

Did you see even gold bricks lying in a pile? In real life you will have to perform a responsible and very honorable task.

But if the brilliance of the nugget and its enormous cost literally blinded you in the night, then the dream book recommends that you be careful in your desires. You risk fulfilling a dream that will turn out to be wrong. When you waste energy, you will only know disappointment and resentment.

You can dream of a bar of gold before times when you can feel genuine pride in your own children.

If the product was handed over to you from hand to hand, this means you will receive a worthy reward (not necessarily material) for your services.

Why do you dream of a place where gold is stored? The dream book believes that you want to subjugate others, and after such a vision, it advises you to avoid any conflicts.

Did you dream of the bars of gold with which you returned home, especially after a long absence? In the near future your well-being will increase significantly.

Gold items seen in a dream also hint: you will find out some secret and completely lose your peace. In addition, the dream book predicts a meeting with a person who will become a faithful friend or loving companion.

What do the sparkling gold bars mean? This is a sign of delusion and falsehood in any of their manifestations. It is possible that you will inadvertently acquire human fame, which will be a heavy burden on your shoulders.

Gold in a dream also hints that you are leading an unreasonable lifestyle and wasting yourself on trifles. Did you manage to buy a gold bar, but it turned out to be a fake? This means you will have to deal with a deceitful and unreliable person.

    To make the prediction even more accurate, the dream book advises you to remember exactly how the golden object got to you.
  • You found it – means complete success.
  • If someone gave it to you as payment – fulfillment of expectations.
  • If you stole it – loss of respect, dignity.
  • If you bought it – this means losses due to greed.
  • If they gave it to you – sign of love passion.

What does it mean if you manage to lose a gold bar on a night adventure? Waking up, you may foolishly miss your lucky chance.

If you decide to sell a gold bar, then be prepared for radical life changes in an unknown direction. If the gold is taken or stolen from you, this means you will lose your luck in reality.

What else do the bars of gold symbolize in a dream? Your own qualities will help you earn a dignified and rich life. But if there were too many of them, then on the contrary, you will lose everything that you have.

Why do you dream about how you tried to melt a precious gold piece? Try not to give others a reason to gossip. If you tried to make a bar from molten gold, this means you wasted your time in real life.

Sergii Haranenko
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