Tiles Dream Meaning

The dream about tiles carries many meanings. Different in appearance, size, place of use, they, of course, will have different meanings.

If you dreamed that you walk on tiles laid on the floor, you should remember your feelings, Miller's dream book advises. If you stepped on warm tiles in a dream, this indicates that your relationship with the new team members will develop successfully and harmoniously.

But walking barefoot on the cold floor means not only unsuccessful networking, but also the coolness in relationships with loved ones. Make it a rule to concede in conflicts at least for a while - this will help establish contact even with unfriendly people.

As for dreams of gluing tiles to the wall, in the Modern dream book you can find such an interpretation of a dream: this could mean attempts to change qualifications.

And if you see in a dream that you are laying tiles on the walls in the form of an ornament, according to the version of Longo's dream book, this is a sign that you will have a source of additional income in reality. Moreover, quite a monetary source.

    Dreams about repairing and laying tiles can vary depending on which room or household item you were repairing in a dream. Here, for example, what repairs mean in a dream:
  • In a kitchen – strengthening of family values;
  • Repairing a bathroom – you will have a period of peace and relaxation;
  • In a toilet – you will have to work hard to gain what you want;
  • Repairing a pool – surprise and pleasant unexpected events;
  • Wood burning stove – you will have a new family tradition;
  • Tiling a bathhouse – hard work.

Do you dream that you have to wash dirty tiles? Tsvetkov’s dream book will explain the meaning of such plot: your stubbornness and endurance can be envied, it’s hard to get you astray, even if someone starts to obstruct you, you will get around them.

If you dreamed that you were cleaning already clean tile, trying to give it shine and radiance, such a dream is a reflection of your tendency to perfectionism. If something does not work out the way you need, you will achieve your goal by any means, even to the detriment of your own peace of mind and health.

If you beat tiles to pieces to lay out a mosaic from the fragments in a dream, then this plot indicates creativity and a creative approach to work. It will not be ignored and will be rewarded.

And if you have a broken tile due to careless handling of it, this means you should be more careful in your statements and actions - you can get into an unpleasant situation.

Sergii Haranenko
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