Totem Pole Dream Meaning

What is a totem pole? Totem poles are found mainly in the culture of the American Indians living on the northwest coast. The pillars were carved from a large tree trunk and subsequently often painted. Cedars were mainly used as trees for this.

Figures with deep symbolic meaning were usually depicted on the totem pole. In most cases it was a clan, a totem, animals such as fish or birds, or other mythical creatures. In addition, excerpts from family history could be illustrated there.

Typically, totem poles are "read" from the bottom up, although the actual message can only be deciphered by knowing the story behind the particular pole. For example, the same animal can have different meanings on different totem poles.

So, what does it mean when you dream about a totem pole? In general, totem poles in dreams may represent a connection to one's cultural or ancestral roots. They may symbolize a sense of identity, tradition, or heritage that the dreamer values and wishes to honor. Alternatively, totem poles may represent a sense of unity or community, as they often depict various figures or animals that are important to a particular group or culture.

In addition, totem poles in dreams may represent a desire for personal growth or a need to connect with one's spiritual or inner self. The various figures or animals depicted on the totem pole may represent different aspects of the dreamer's personality or psyche, and the plot may be urging the person to explore.

On the other hand, a totem pole may also represent a feeling of being overwhelmed or intimidated by a particular group or culture. The dreamer may feel as though he is an outsider or may feel unsure of how to connect with others who share different values or traditions.

When a totem pole appears in a dream, this may indicate the dreamer's urgent need for security and protection. A person must carefully deal with this desire and find out the reason for the emergence of such an acute need.

The sight of a totem pole can indicate your life story. In this case, the symbol encourages you to focus on the family. Therefore, you should pay attention to the figures or faces on the totem pole. After all, they can give additional important clues to the dream message.

A totem pole in a dream can encourage you to make meaningful use of your powers in the waking world.

The dream symbol "totem pole", seen as a sculpture of various family members, may indicate that a person should devote himself more to family and friends. Relations there may have cooled a little, and now they need to be updated.

Making a totem pole with an axe – is a warning that you should be careful. Under certain circumstances, you will soon encounter some difficulties. They can only be solved if you are vigilant.

The drawing of the totem pole indicates that the dreamer should control his behavior, because he can behave dishonestly towards his family members.

The totem pole can also be seen as a phallic symbol. In this context, the dream may make the person understand that he needs to deal with sexuality.

If a person sees in a dream a meeting in front of a totem pole, the dream may indicate that the person is trusted by other people. Basically, he deserved it with his sense of responsibility.

The spiritual dream book interprets the symbol "totem pole" as a symbol of energy, strength and spiritual protection.

Sergii Haranenko
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