Family Dream Meaning

Dreaming your family is so natural that often such dreams do not have prophetic significance. Family problems, anxieties and joys are simply reflected in the images of loved ones. At the same time, certain plots are interpreted ambiguously, and sometimes, explaining what a particular dream is about, dream books give very unexpected interpretations.

The circle of relatives is perceived by people as a symbol of unity, support; and at the same time, from childhood, it is in the family that we sometimes see the cause of all our misfortunes.

Some dreams about the family are a foretaste of joy, others are full of gloomy predictions, but in most cases, they have positive interpretation.

What is the meaning of the whole family dream? This is usually a projection of what is happening in reality. The fact that a person sees everyone nearby speaks of unity, support, peace among his family, which is naturally interpreted by the dream book as happiness, longevity, health and success in business.

The allegorical interpretation of the dream book explains dreams about the family and children. The image of children, as an object of care, appears when a person implicitly feels that he has offended someone at home with his words or actions, or does not take good care of them. However, if the children were the protagonists of this dream, then this portends joyful news or events.

To dream about a family at a table is a symbol of complete well-being, material wealth, and health. Aesop's dream interpretation portends the recovery of ill person, receiving news from distant relatives, replenishment in the family.

If everyone is seated at a table in seniority, such hierarchy indicates the urgency of the problem of education. A person is unhappy with the current situation, but changes, interesting twists in his personal life await him. An unmarried girl will soon receive a flattering offer of marriage.

For a business person who has completely gone into business, the image of relatives in a dream symbolizes, first of all, his business. It is from this position that his dreams should be interpreted.

Looking at a photograph of a family in a dream promises great achievements, success in life, possibly replenishment of the family. To make a family photo yourself on means to receive important news.

But if you dreamed of being photographed with all relatives, the dream interpretation treats this as an unfavorable sign - this promises family strife. Looking at yourself in a dream in a shared photo is a sign that you should better keep your secrets.

Explaining why the death of one of the family members is seen in a dream, dream books interpret this event as impending cardinal changes, loss of support from relatives. Communication with relatives will be interrupted due to a quarrel or relocation.

If a family member’s funeral takes place on a warm sunny day - this is a sign of well-being and good health of all relatives, but if the weather is inclement - rain, wind or cold, then the dreamer will receive news of a sick relative, or things will decline.

To dream of sorrow on the faces of relatives means that they have ill-wishers who can cause trouble.

What is the meaning of a dream of a large family with many kids? To dream of a lot of children, according to the interpretation of Vanga’s dream book, portends a lot of small but urgent problems, the solution of which will require a lot of effort and time from the dreamer. On a planetary scale, Vanga predicts an increase in fertility.

Dream Interpreter Joe Gong explains what a poor family dreams of. If in a dream the family lives very poorly, this promises wealth and happiness in reality.

Dreaming of someone else’s, completely unfamiliar friendly family portends participation in a remarkably organized holiday; being a member of it - a person strives for the best by any means.

If a person dreamed of a royal family, and he sees himself as a member of it, Loff's dreambook interprets this as a desire to establish oneself in the financial sphere or to achieve public recognition.

The family of your ex-boyfriend, if no one quarrels in a dream, promises good luck, if his family is in contention and poverty – this is a sign of trouble.

What does a dream of the ex-husband with a new family mean? Dream books predict that the woman managed to dump the burden of the past, and she will have a wonderful time with her family.

If everyone was cheerful in the family of your beloved man, this means your future family will be happy and strong. If his relatives were unhappy in a dream, dream books interpret this as dissatisfaction with the choice of his son. Another such dream predicts material problems for a young couple, which would be difficult to solve without the help of relatives. The daughter-in-law will have to look for a common language with new relatives.

If in a dream there are scandals in the family, turning into a stubborn confrontation, Aesop’s dreambook interprets this as remorse for relatives for unseemly acts. This is also a sign of an upcoming meeting with a wise person, which will bring peace.

All sorts of conflicts with relatives in a dream are reflected in reality with quarrels and disappointments. But the fight in the family is interpreted as the establishment of good, harmonious relations.

Sergii Haranenko
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