Axe Dream Meaning

The axe seen in a dream promises receiving a decent reward for the work done. Dream interpretation believes that you will be rewarded "according to merit". Some dreambooks assume that if you saw a dream about woman with an axe, you will have quite an unusual admirer. He will have a lot of advantages, but will be quite poor.

Chopping something with an axe in a dream is a promise of hard work. If you dream about a man with an ax, then it is possible that in real life you have very unusual sexual inclinations. Aesop’s dreambook gives another interpretation of such plot: he considers a man with an axe a sign indicating the need to make some efforts to achieve the goals.

If a married woman saw a man with an axe in a dream, she should be ready for deterioration of her relations with husband. Such image is also a sign that you will have reliable faithful friends in reality.

If you killed someone with an axe or hatchet in a dream, this means you can achieve what you want using cunning and resourcefulness. Another interpretation of such plot is causing someone of moral pain.

Seeing yourself as a maniac who kills innocent children in a dream means that in reality you will take a great sin upon yourself. Probably, you will hide something important that in the future will lead to the onset of irreparable consequences. If a maniac in a dream was not you, but someone else, it is possible that in reality you will have to deal with a person endowed with sadistic inclinations.

A Modern dream book describes a little differently what it means to kill people in dreams. If you cut off someone's head with an ax, then there will be big problems in your life. Especially if all was covered with blood in your dream.

If you dream that you chopped trees - use that lucky chance, which fate will give you soon.

Vanga believes that sharpening an axe means to conceive an important matter. If you are confident in its successful completion, feel free to get down to business. To throw a tool on the ground in a dream shows a sense of hopelessness and a dead end.

Seeing an axe in someone’s back means you should beware of betrayal.

Dreaming about halberd means you will get some distinction. Shine of rays on pikes and halberds in a dream - means you will receive an appointment to a post.

Sergii Haranenko
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