Two Moons Dream Meaning

Seeing two moons in a dream is a very ambiguous symbol. In addition to its direct meaning, it serves as a sign that doubles both good and bad predictions.

Miller claims, that if a girl dreamed of two moons, she will exchange a romantic feeling for money and benefits.

The moon can be seen in a dream as a symbol of a great joy and an event that will make life more harmonious and more fun.

In addition, the lunar disk, being a completely lifeless companion, only reflects sunlight. Hence, all the negative interpretations. Therefore, the two moons mean a magnificent holiday or total unhappiness.

Earth satellite is often identified with all the unknown and gives a person unique abilities. Seeing two moons at the same time means you have to make a fateful choice. And it will touch both real relationships and spiritual progress.

Two moons on the night sky reflect the feminine features. It is possible that two ladies will appear on the horizon at once, who will have approximately the same influence (mother and sister, wife and mistress, etc.).

If one moon shone in the sky, and the second was reflected in the mirror or in the water in a dream, this means that events will turn completely in an unexpected direction.

It is a bad sign if the moon suddenly cracked and split into a couple of separate parts. According to the prophecy of Vanga, this dream is a symbol of the emergence of a new religion that will bring a lot of troubles to mankind.

The appearance of two or more moons in the dream also warns that there will be several almost equal leaders in the country. The same interpretation is valid for one family or group of people.

A dream of two full moons of especially bloody color is the sad forerunner of the times in which only Darkness will reign on earth. In a less global sense, full moons promise a meeting with a witch of incredible power or a spiritual teacher.

For ordinary people the full moons are a sign of material enrichment. If you dreamed of the sun and the moon at the same time, this means you will meet your destiny and find happiness soon.

Seeing two very bright yellow moons in a dream is considered a symbol of secret love that will lead to quarrels in the family.

If you dreamed that two yellow moons have risen, then you will not be able to keep a loved one. If the yellow luminaries in a dream suddenly become dull or dragged out by clouds, this means you will lose your happiness, moreover, through your own fault.

    In order to get the detailed interpretation of the plot you should consider the behavior of the two satellites:
  • Two moons talkingsecret knowledge;
  • Moons playing, rolling – a blessing;
  • Two moons hiding – bad luck, losses;
  • Two moons falling – catch your luck;
  • Sparkling two moons – unexplained events.

For a long time the moon was considered a symbol of fertility. If a woman happened to see two moons at once, this means that she will become pregnant and will certainly give birth to twin boys.

The dream of two suns on the sky guarantees the appearance of limitless possibilities (possibly of an extrasensory type). In addition, the two suns promise honor and improvement of all affairs, the Islamic dreambook confirms.

Sergii Haranenko
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