Washing The Latrine Dream Meaning

Why do you dream about cleaning a toilet? Washing the toilet with your hands in a dream, seeing its separate details - means an attempt to hide a new love from prying eyes. A dream means the onset of a period of secret dates, romantic adventures.

Only positive emotions await you if you dreamed that there was a lot of clean water in the latrine. But dirty and greasy toilet bowls in a dream are interpreted by dreambooks taking into account the mood of the dreamer.

What is the symbolism of a dream of latrine? If cleaning the toilet in a dream made you tired, be prepared for the fact that you will get tired of communicating with the same people in real life; you will want new acquaintances, fresh sensations. Psychologists warn everyone who dreamed of a toilet against casual relationships.

    Trying to understand why you dream of washing the toilet, do not neglect the details. Miller's dream book, when interpreting such plots, suggests remembering the following subtleties:
  • a clean latrine - predicts changing a partner;
  • a dirty toilet - means receiving money (not necessarily in an honest way);
  • a clogged toilet - there will be a risk of disease;
  • a golden latrine - means overcoming complexes.

Cleaning the toilet in a dream is always good for personal well-being. Moreover, the more feces and other dirt you extracted from there, the more money you will be able to earn this month. An unforeseen bonus, the return of a long-standing debt, getting easy money – this is exactly how you should understand a dream of washing the toilet with your bare hands.

The Dream book of Nostradamus equates the cleaning of sewage to quick enrichment by any means. Seeing excrement, urine, getting them out in a dream - predicts the emergence of promising projects, conquering new markets for your products, attracting customers.

Sometimes you may dream that you had to wash up in the toilet. Such a dream means sexual adventures, hot nights of love, and a number of confessions from the opposite sex. Fleeting pleasures are guaranteed by Freud's dream book to everyone who dreamed of a clean bowl.

However, all your love affairs will become known to a wide circle of friends and foes if you happen to see a toilet with water. Washing in the toilet, or cleaning it with your hands and feet – is a symbol of the need to make excuses of your own actions.

Why someone dreams of washing a dirty toilet, filled with excrement, from which a stench emanates, is described in detail by Vanga's dream book. The healer warns about the selectivity of sexual intercourse, as there is a risk of diseases of the genitourinary sphere.

In addition, washing the toilet in a dream, pulling objects out of it that should not be there means becoming an object of gossip and slander. In the coming days, try not to conflict with anyone, not to get involved in gossip with neighbors and not to find fault with the shortcomings of loved ones. Although, this does not guarantee an excellent attitude towards you, but it will save you from unnecessary "sidelong" glances from the outside.

Sergii Haranenko
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