White Bird Dream Meaning

What is the white bird dream meaning and symbolism? This is an excellent sign, which promises good news, happiness, good luck in business. But some details can change the meaning of this symbol in a dream, becoming a harbinger of trouble, obstacles, quarrels. Besides that dreaming of white birds may predict receiving good news.

What does a dream about holding a white bird in your hands mean? The man can be waiting for a successful date after such a plot. For a girl, a white bird in her hands promises great luck in her personal life. For a woman, this image predicts the birth of a child.

If a person striving to make a career dreamed of holding a white bird in his hands, this means everything would turn out favorably for him. For business people, this is a harbinger of a reliable partner who will always provide support.

Seeing flying white birds in a dream is a symbol of prosperity for the dreamer. All previous troubles, adverse circumstances will disappear soon.

What does a white bird in a cage mean in a dream? This means you will have to limit communication with friends, to be "in seclusion."

A black and white little songbird in a dream is an indefinite symbol. The influence of positive and negative factors is balanced, so everything depends on the dreamer himself.

Have you dreamed of a black and white magpie? The dream book informs: gossip, quarrels are possible. It is better not to pay attention to idle fictions, but to do your business calmly.

What does a dream of killing a white bird mean? This is a harbinger of misfortune, fatal consequences due to rash acts.

Killing a white bird in a dream portends a great failure. If a certain business was planned, it is better to abandon it, since the result will be disastrous. Killing a white bird promises the onset of complications, negative problems. But, with some effort, difficulties can be overcome.

Did you dream of a wounded white bird? The dream interpretation reports: there may be troubles associated with the behavior or actions of children. You need to restore rapport with them.

Did you see a dead white bird in a dream? There are many difficulties ahead, but they will turn out to be quite surmountable, and after failures, joy and luck will come when you succeed in fulfilling your plan.

Seeing a big white bird in a dream means you will receive long-awaited good news from your relatives or friends who are far away.

A large swan with such plumage, according to the dream book, portends the onset of a period of well-being and prosperity.

Why does a woman dream of a big white bird? New romantic feelings will arise; a successful marriage is possible soon. A dream promises a married lady a happy family life.

Seeing a lot of white birds in a dream is a favorable omen. There will be good luck in your undertakings, a successful course of affairs.

Did you dream of many white birds that flew in the sky? The dream interpretation explains: such a vision promises prosperity.

A flock of singing white birds in a dream means that there are pleasant conversations with friends, acquaintances, from whom the dreamer will learn useful information ahead.

Why does one dream of a flock of beautiful, clean birds? The dream interpretation calls them a harbinger of pure love and a reliable marital union.

A white bird in the house that accidentally flew into your place sometimes means: a new life partner (companion) will appear soon or a child will be born.

Did you dream of catching a white bird? This means you want to take on a profitable business. Catching such a bird in the air means a cherished wish will come true.

    What are the Top-5 negative white bird dream meanings?
  • A white chicken in dreams symbolizes vain chores.
  • A white owl in a dream – is a sign of a serious illness.
  • A white seagull – predicts the appearance of an ill-wisher.
  • Taming a white bird – promises excessive spending.
  • Clipping its wings – is a symbol of loneliness.
    Here are the Top-5 positive dreams about white birds:
  • A white dove in dreams speaks of a wedding invitation.
  • A white swan – predicts a period of stability in life.
  • Seeing a white goose – means receiving inheritance.
  • If you dreamed that a white bird sat on your shoulder, this means resolving difficulties.
  • Stroking a white bird in a dream is a sign of good luck.
Sergii Haranenko
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