Owl Dream Meaning

Owl dream meaning

What is the meaning of dream about owl? The majority of dreambooks have positive interpretation of this image. If you had a dream about a white owl, be prepared for vital date. A secret and passionate meeting with a person, who will change your world, is waiting for you. A dream about owl may mean a romantic date as well as promotion at work. Sometimes the dream plot about owls may predict unfavorable life period.

What is the black owl dream meaning? A dark-gray or black owl seen in a dream is a sign that the person will have to rethink about a lot of things. Some information that he will get will let him evaluate recent events from another point of view.

What does it mean to hold an owl in a dream? If you were holding an owl in your hands, the Wanderer dreambook warns you about an event that will scare you a lot. At the same time this image symbolizes your relations with others. As an option, the dream means that some mutual problems will help you get closer with a relative or help you find friends.

According to Nostradamus, owls seen in a dream predict receiving an important advice.

According to Miller, a dream about an owl is a sign of threats and danger. The dream is warning that you will not be able to resist all the problems – some of them will have negative consequences. Seeing an owl and hearing its hoot is one of the most common plots. The dreambooks predict getting disappointing news. If you heard the cry of an owl close to your house in your dream, you can be expecting a baby in your family.

An owl attacking you in a dream indicates that you are satisfied with the role of victim in real life. The person, who doesn’t want to cause any troubles to others, is sometimes the one who gains enemies. The dreambooks call not only to take the hits of the fate, but to defend yourself and attack as well.

Seeing a flying owl means joining occult knowledge. An owl with prey means liberation from petty worries. An owl sitting on a tree or in a room means poverty, difficult circumstances.

A dream where an owl attacks small wildfowl means that you will either be a witness or a part of some unjust affair. A bird with big gain symbolizes brilliant victory over a strong opponent. The plot shows that information that is not available for others will bring you to success.

If you managed to tame the bird and feed it from your hands, it indicates you have enough knowledge, experience and wisdom to solve the problem that obsesses you lately. A dream about an owl in the house shows that you have inclinations for occult knowledge. Magical practice requires loneliness and can not be understood by everyone; as a result you may have less people in your surrounding. A dream about an owl in a cage symbolizes that you are not using all your opportunities, resources and abilities.

A dream about an eagle-owl calls you to gather all your will and think cold-bloodedly. The dream is trying to explain that the scale of a coming trouble is exaggerated and your main enemy now is fear. Italian dreambook considers this plot a symbol of uncertainty; like owls, you prefer to stay in shadow and remain unseen. The dreamers who were born in winter or beginning of spring should be aware that this dream can warn about a serious tragedy for them or members of their families. If you were born at the end of spring or beginning of summer, you should not pay attention to negative feelings – the dream is just a result of your tiredness.

Here is what the Feng Shui dreambook says about seeing an owl in a dream. Seeing it in the dream plot means trouble. If a guy sees an owl, he will have a scandalous bride; for a woman it means her husband’s illness; for a girl - a wedding with a poor man from a dysfunctional family.

In a dream, if an owl sat on your head, this may be a sign of death.

Shooting an owl is a symbol of victory over any difficulties.

Hearing the sharp cry of an owl warns of a serious illness in the family.

When the criminal sees an owl flying towards him, this is a sign of life imprisonment.

Catching an owl in a dream means winning in court.

What are the other meanings of dreaming about owls? The dreambooks give a number of brief interpretations depending on details.

    What kind of owl did you dream about?
  • white owl – means the patronage of a senior person;
  • large owl – means gaining useful experience;
  • dead owl – means an accident;
  • gray owl – means career growth;
  • small owl – means frequent change of mood;
  • eagle owl – means risk of suffering from the actions of scammers;
  • an injured owl – can predict a fight;
  • an old owl – means getting valuable experience;
  • a huge owl symbolizes groundless fear;
  • if you saw many owls – it means gossip about your past.
    What your actions with the owl mean in a dream?
  • holding an owl in your hands – means good news;
  • stroking an owl – means success in all endeavors;
  • feeding an owl – means overcoming obstacles to the goal;
  • to catch an owl – means luck in creativity;
  • to see how an owlattacks a person – means the appearance of envious people.
    Where was the owl in your dream?
  • owl in the house – means conflicts with family members;
  • owl on a tree – means the implementation of the plan;
  • owl on one’s shoulder – means harmony in relations with a loved one.
    What does it mean if an owl was seen in a dream of:
  • an unmarried girl – a pleasant meeting;
  • a married woman –misunderstanding in relations with her spouse;
  • a man – financial well-being.
    What does it mean to dream about owls according to Freud?
  • A dream of catching an owl predicts intrigues from ill-wishers;
  • Putting an owl in a cage – symbolizes the appearance of an obsessive admirer;
  • Feeding an owl – means help from loved ones.

Top-5 negative interpretations of dreams about owls

  • A black owl in a dream predicts betrayal by a friend.
  • Driving the owl away – means financial loss.
  • To be scared of the owl in a dream – means competitive fight.
  • If you dreamed that the owl pecked you, this is a sign of health problem.
  • If an owl held the mouse in its claws, this means revealing the secrets of the dreamer.

Top-5 positive meanings of owls seen in a dream

  • Barn Owl in a dream is a sign of favorable changes in your personal life.
  • A talking owl – means fulfilling of a childhood dream.
  • Taking a picture of an owl – means an additional source of income.
  • To see how an owl flew over your head – means receiving praise from the boss.
  • If an owl sits in a nest with the owlets – this means salaries increase.

Symbolism of owl in dream

What is the owl spiritual meaning in dreams? According to the American dreambook, this is a very important sign, since the owl is a symbol of transformation. If this sign appears in your dream, you should know that a transformation may be awaiting you.

In most cultures with developed esoteric traditions, the owl is revered as a very significant (sometimes terrifying) sign. The owl was feared because it signifies darkness and the unknown. People have always feared the onset of night, and the owl was associated with this time and with the arrival of unknown dark spaces.

The Australian Aborigines explained that men were afraid of the owl because it was a female totem that symbolized darkness and the unknown. Owls were also believed to symbolize death and rebirth.

Some Indian tribes believed that the souls of the dead reside in owls.

In Egyptian hieroglyphs, owls symbolized cold, death, night, and passivity.

When one aspect dies out in you, the opportunity arises for the development of new qualities. This is a universal law. The owl symbolizes both death and rebirth in your life.

The owl is also a symbol of ancient wisdom born in the inner worlds. Because in the darkness lie dreams and mystical insights.

The ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, was usually depicted with an owl on her shoulder, indicating the righteousness and wisdom of the goddess.

Merlin, an ancient Celtic magician who helped King Arthur, gained access to invisible spaces thanks to an owl.

The owl sees in the dark, which is inaccessible to others; if this sign appears in a dream, it means that you must gain the ability to discern the truth under any circumstances. You will be able to see what will be lost in the dark for others. Your insights will be amazing and the transformation taking place around you will be profound.

Dreaming about owls Biblical meaning

In biblical symbolism, owls are not directly referenced frequently, but they do appear occasionally, often associated with desolation, darkness, and places of solitude. In some biblical contexts, owls are connected with wilderness or desolate areas. In certain passages, they're seen as inhabitants of ruins or desolate cities.

The book of Isaiah, for instance, speaks of owls dwelling in desolate places, which is often associated with judgment or desolation: "The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there and find for herself a place of rest." - Isaiah 34:14

The mention of owls, especially in the context of desolation or wilderness, can connote spiritual desolation or emptiness. However, interpretations of dreams in the biblical context often rely on the specific details and the emotional tone of the dream, so individual circumstances might alter the meaning.

Dreams about owls Islamic interpretation

In some interpretations, owls in dreams might symbolize a warning or the presence of evil. It could signify a looming threat or negativity in one's life.

Owls are often associated with wisdom and knowledge. Dreaming of an owl in an Islamic context might represent a need for guidance or the pursuit of wisdom.

Owls are nocturnal creatures associated with the night. Dreaming of an owl might symbolize solitude, reflection, or the need for introspection.

In some Islamic traditions, owls are associated with the Prophet Muhammad. Dreaming of an owl might be seen as a positive sign or a spiritual connection.

In Islamic beliefs, dreams are considered a means of receiving messages or signs. An owl in a dream might represent a message or a sign from Allah.

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