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Interpretation of a dream about owl

The majority of dreambooks have positive interpretation of this image. If you had a dream about a white owl, be prepared for vital date. A secret and passionate meeting with a person, who will change your world, is waiting for you. A dark-gray or black owl seen in a dream is a sign that the person will have to rethink about a lot of things. Some information that he will get will let him evaluate recent events from another point of view.

If you were holding an owl in your hands, the Wanderer dreambook warns you about an event that will scare you a lot. At the same time this image symbolizes your relations with others. As an option, the dream means that some mutual problems will help you get closer with a relative or help you find friends.

According to Miller, a dream about an owl is a sign of threats and danger. The dream is warning that you will not be able to resist all the problems – some of them will have negative consequences. Seeing an owl and hearing its hoot is one of the most common plots. The dreambooks predict getting disappointing news. If you heard the cry of an owl close to your house in your dream, you can be expecting a baby in your family.

An owl attacking you in a dream indicates that you are satisfied with the role of victim in real life. The person, who doesn’t want to cause any troubles to others, is sometimes the one who gains enemies. The dreambooks call not only to take the hits of the fate, but to defend yourself and attack as well.

A dream where an owl attacks small wildfowl means that you will either a witness or a part of some unjust affair. A bird with big gain symbolizes brilliant victory over a strong opponent. The plot shows that information that is not available for others will bring you to success. If you managed to tame the bird and feed it from your hands, it indicates you have enough knowledge, experience and wisdom to solve the problem that obsesses you lately. A dream about an owl in the house shows that you have inclinations for occult knowledge. Magical practice requires loneliness and can not be understood by everyone; as a result you may have less people in your surrounding. A dream about an owl in a cage symbolizes that you are not using all your opportunities, resources and abilities.

A dream about an eagle-owl calls you to gather all your will and think cold-bloodedly. The dream is trying to explain that the scale of a coming trouble is exaggerated and your main enemy now is fear. Italian dreambook considers this plot a symbol of uncertainty; like owls, you prefer to stay in shadow and remain unseen. The dreamers who were born in winter or beginning of spring should be aware that this dream can warn about a serious tragedy for them or members of their families. If you were born at the end of spring or beginning of summer, you should not pay attention to negative feelings – the dream is just a result of your tiredness.