White Dove Dream Meaning

The white dove seen in a dream is a symbol of family idyll - peace, quiet, children. According to Miller’s dreambook, it’s enough just to see a white dove in a dream - and luck will be on your side.

Dr. Freud states that a white dove in a dream indicates a favorable situation in relations with the opposite sex. Platonic sympathy will smoothly turn into a harmonious intimate relationship.

A cooing couple of doves seen in a dream is a symbol mutual love and happy fate. A female dove with chicks means it's time to prepare for the replenishment of the family.

In order to get the correct interpretation, you should pay attention to the pigeon’s behavior in a dream.

If a white dove sat trustingly on your shoulder, this image is not a reason for carelessness. According to Medea’s dreambook, such dream means you should pay attention to people close to you: there are problems with someone’s health.

If the dove sat on a table, some illness is waiting for the dreamer. A white dove pecking crumbs predicts some loss. If a white dove was flying away from the dreamer, he should be ready for sad news.

If a flock of white pigeons flew into the sky, or one of them carried something in its beak - this image brings news from afar from a friend.

According to Vanga’s dreambook, if white doves whirled in the air, this means that a person will find peace of mind and reconcile himself with the future changes in life. Vanga also considered that it is a bad sign if the dove sat on your shoulder or was seen dead.

A wounded white dove is also a bad sign predicting a trouble with your friend or bringing separation for those who are in love.

If a white dove flew into your window, it is a sign that you should start calling guests since you will have some holiday soon. If a woman saw a dove flying into her window, she will be asked out. The same dream seen by a man means he will find out about sympathy of a girl he likes.

If you saw a white dove drinking water, Aesop’s dreambook predicts that the troubles will pass and changes for the better will come. If trying to drink, the dove drowned - your new business is doomed to failure.

Keeping a pigeon house at home in a dream reflects the concern for the material security of the family, you will make efforts so that your loved ones do not lack anything.

To ring a white dove in a dream and send a message with it means you will receive unexpected news that will surprise and please you a lot.

Hunting for a white dove and trying to get it into your hands is a bad sign. One should humble the dark side of his soul, otherwise there will be a lot of problems.

Here you can find real-life omens and superstitions about white doves.

Seeing white doves on church domes is a symbol proving that God knows about your problems and will not leave you without support.

Removing chicks from the nest means having guests. To take a white dove into your hands is a sign of trouble; hold in your hands and release - to be separated from your wife. To feed a white pigeon means to make a good deed in reality.

Sergii Haranenko
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