White Rat Dream Meaning

Gray mice and baby rats cause few positive emotions, and many are shivering only by their appearance. It is a completely different matter when this is a red-eyed white rat pet that is distinguished by its good disposition and mind. But what the white rat represents in dreams does not always have a good prediction. Our dream book will help explain what events are promised by the appearance of a snow-white rodent in a dream.

Many dream books interpret dreams about white rat just as negatively as dreams with an ordinary animal. The rat symbolizes meanness, betrayal, and if it is white – this means that the enemy intriguing behind your back, is hiding under the guise of a good friend.

This color also symbolizes the enemy’s belonging to female gender. It is female meanness and cunning that are embodied in a dream with the participation of a snow-white animal, and especially this plot can be trusted if the dreamer is a man.

The whiteness of fur, according to the interpretations of many dream books, can symbolize both purity and virtue, as well as emptiness and loneliness. And in case you happened to see a white rat in a dream, predictions are leaning for the worse.

Enemies and rivals strive not only to discredit your name, but also to separate you from your loved one, or make you fall in the eyes of people you care about. In general, all the actions of ill-wishers are aimed at making you feel lonely and useless to anyone.

If a young woman saw a white rat in a dream, then the dream book interprets in two ways what this picture means in a dream. On the one hand, this can mean intrigues on the part of close friends, aimed at separation from the spouse.

On the other hand, if a girl is single, unmarried, then the dream book gives quite positive predictions. It is the gossip of the girlfriends, who at first unsettled you, will lead to an acquaintance with a wonderful young man who will truly fall in love with a young dreamer.

The large white rat in a dream is the positive exception. This is an undoubted prediction of the dream book about the increasing opportunity to win at gambling, or even to find valuable things. And the larger the size of the rodent, the greater the likelihood of improving welfare is.

If you go to your goal, and it is about to be reached, then the same white rat in a dream can interfere with your plans. And if the white rat has bitten you, then you need to beware of even your closest friends, it is in them that the greatest danger lurks, someone from your environment is hypocritical and not being sincere.

Interpretations of the dream book take on a slightly positive color if you do not feel pain at all when the rat bites you. You will be able to detect the enemy on time. A severely bleeding wound from a bite suggests that the best help in the fight against the ill-wisher would be the custody of relatives.

The bite of a snow-white rat reflects your fears and self-doubt. But the meaning of a dream changes if you managed to kill the white rat in a dream. According to the interpretation of the dream book, all gossipers and enemies will be justly punished; you can overcome them with great ease and without consequences for yourself.

Sergii Haranenko
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