Bleeding Dream Meaning

To see the bleeding wounds, to feel helpless, to bleed and do nothing at the same time is a symbol of spiritual cleansing, meeting with distant relatives, or to uninvited guests. Sometimes such dreams warn of upcoming trials. What dreams of heavy bleeding, dream books explain, taking into account the experienced sensations and emotions in a dream.

Modern psychologists interpret the dream about bleeding as a state of inner emptiness of a person, moral fatigue. If you dreamed that the wound was aching in addition to everything, it means that the dreamer is in a state of depression or is on the eve of the development of a disease.

    Miller gives his own meaning for bleeding in dreams:
  • Feeling helplessness – your reputation will be ruined;
  • Feeling pain – depression;
  • Don’t having opportunity to close the wound – sudden arrival of guests;
  • Bleeding during menstruation – starting an independent life.

To see bleeding abrasions, scratches in a dream, with which nothing can be done - to rash words, deeds. Dreaming means that you will very soon find yourself in a difficult situation, which will take a long time to get out of. If you also dreamed of stained clothes, this means that stains will appear on your reputation as well.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus warns against abrupt actions that can harm everyone around. Otherwise, you will have to apply a lot of energy and strength to restore a good name. Contract rupture due to mutual claims, quarrels with relatives, nervous breakdowns – this is the explanation of dreams of bleeding and not being able to help yourself.

It is a good sign for a young girl or married woman to bleed hard during menstruation. A dream means that she is ready for all life's surprises: pregnant women will give birth easily, unmarried girls will have an admirer ready for serious relationship, aged women will get moral satisfaction from dating a gallant boyfriend.

If a guy or man saw that a woman or girl has period, he should beware. It is possible that he or his family are under someone’s influence.

To see an accident, the injured bleeding people - to conflicts with relatives.

Bleeding from the nose, tooth symbolizes the arrival of relatives. Moreover, the meeting will be stormy, memorable. Many dreamers will get a good share of the inheritance, which literally "falls on their head."

Sergii Haranenko
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