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Whitening The Walls Dream Meaning

Performing redecorating of the room is always associated with renewal, cleanliness, freshness. A dream of whitening the walls has a similar interpretation. If you put coloring solutions on any surfaces in a dream, then it is possible that you will soon have to pack your things and get ready for the move in reality. Dream Interpretation promises blessed changes. But there are other predictions as well.

To dream that you hurriedly and not too carefully whiten the walls and ceiling in the house means to commit an unseemly act. Modern dream book believes that your reputation has been stained for a long time already by a certain number of bad deeds. If you had a dream like that, think, perhaps you should reconsider your actions and take the path of correction so as not to remain in splendid isolation.

To whiten the walls and ceiling in the house and splatter with paint from head to toe means you should fear the enemies who intend to complicate your life seriously. A series of their machinations and intrigues will create serious obstacles in your path. Try to keep communication with your enemies to a minimum.

To see in a dream that you were changing the color of the walls and ceiling in the hospital ward - to the speedy recovery from the current ailment. If you dreamed that the walls were not whitened by you, but by a dead man - this is a bad sign. To dream of a dead man at such work means that the disease will not recede soon.

Watching another person whitening the walls means you will soon have to help someone you know cope with a disease. The Universal dream book advises not to render it in need of support, because you may well find yourself in his place.

Painting the surface in your own home - to a noisy party. Dreambook of Miller is convinced that communication with other people at the event will truly delight you. If you dream of such a plot, there will be even new good acquaintances. Friendship with them will be long, pleasant and useful.

If you dreamed that you were looking at a refurbished home after redecoration, this means that life will change drastically. Miller predicts a very positive change that will bring the existing dreams and aspirations to life.

    You should also take into consideration the plot details:
  • Whitening horizontal surfaces – being present at the funeral;
  • Enjoying the process of whitening – the start of positive life period;
  • Buying whitewash in the store – changing the address;
  • Stirring the prepared whitewash – taking part in wedding ceremony.

Sergii Haranenko

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