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Yarn Dream Meaning

According to Denize Lynn’s dreambook, the image of a yarn seen in a dream symbolizes the yarn of your life ,your every emotion and every experience that you had, is knit into the pattern of your life.

    Some dreambooks give interpretation of the night image depending on details:
  • spinning flax – a good sign;
  • to spin wool – losses, illness;
  • to coil – parting for lovers;
  • buying wool threads – to get sick;
  • to twist the yarn – troubles, changes;
  • to see cotton – problems at wok;
  • to see spindle – joy.

Gypsy dreambooks warn that seeing yarn in a dream predict the beginning of a long-lasting, troublesome action, business venture or romantic affair.

Chinese dreambooks consider that spinning yarn in a dream prolongs your life path.

If you pass the yarn to someone who does this professionally, the dream symbolizes that you will start a task that you hate.

If you are spinning a very thin thread, your separation with the partner will end soon; if the thread tore, the parting will last longer than expected.

A lot of yarn in a dream is a symbol of harmony in your family and good relations between your relatives. According to Miller, if you were spinning yarn in a dream, you will soon be invited to take parting business you could only dream about. This dream predicts a wedding coming soon if it is seen by a young woman.

Sergii Haranenko

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