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Lamb Dream Meaning

A tiny lamb is a symbol of defenselessness, tenderness and fragility. As any child it requires tender caring and affection. It is the same in relations between humans, so if you saw such a dream, this is a reminder that the feelings are very fragile and it is easy to lose them. According to Miller, if you had a dream about small lambs grazing on a meadow this is a great sign that your friendship is strong and unbeatable. If you are a farmer, you can expect rich harvest. If you saw the blood stains on the white lamb’s wool, this dream is a warning of gossip and slander. If you were holding a lost little lamb in your hands, you have to properly think through your next moves before making them. A dream about lambs sucking sheep is a very favorable sign of happiness and welfare in the family.

Seeing a dream about little white and black lambs playing is a symbol of chastity, meekness and strong friendship. Lambs of unusual colors, yellow, pink and others are the sign of hoax and jokes. Sleeping lambs promise the dreamer a quiet and calm joy. If you heard the sheep bleat in your dream, you should be more attentive to people around and you will receive authority and trust.

If you were petting a lamb in your dream, this is an indication that you are a little strict in the family, but kind, honest and caring at the same time. Feeding lambs promises a happy and fertile life for you and your family. Washing, brushing or taking care of lambs is a sign of pleasant chores in the family that will bring you positive emotions. Washing a white lamb from dirt in a dream predicts recovery and gaining health. And a dream of saving a little lamb speaks of a chance of material support of people you care about or taking part in charity.

A dream where a lot of sheep and lambs live at your place is a positive symbol of career growth and luck. If you are a businessman you will find new business partners. A dream about cutting the sheep and lambs’ wool advises you being more strict and determined in relations with your partners; in this case you will be successful. Seeing a lamb being born is a sign of new interesting projects. If you were holding a newly born lamb promises signing a profitable contract or getting new position.

A dream about dead lamb warns you about devastation. Seeing cutting little lambs brings illness; a black lamb indicates a long treatment with difficulties, a white one – easy form of disease. If you witness a wolf catch and kill a lamb, you will be a victim of gossip and intrigues. If the lamb was butting and biting, this dream means changes for the better if you saw it in the first part of the week and warns about betrayal if seen at the end of the week.

Sergii Haranenko

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