Dropping different items signs meaning

Every person has encountered such a phenomenon when, holding some objects in his hands, they all fall out of his fingers, as if acquiring involuntary force. What is this - a sign or an accident? Since ancient times, people have compared the involuntary falling of things with warning signs.

Why is everything falling out of your hands?

It is necessary to pay attention to the time of day when objects fall out of your hands. If this happens during the day or in the morning, it foreshadows joyful events; in the evening, on the contrary, it foretells tears and disappointment. A more common sign about dropping something is that deceased relatives give you a sign in this way. It is possible that while you are gathering objects from the floor, you avoid the danger.

It is important to evaluate not only the fact of the sign that everything is falling out of your hands, and the time of day.

    The object that you dropped also plays an important role in the signs interpretation:
  • a knife fell - expect a man to visit;
  • dishes broken into pieces - happiness;
  • jewelry falling - warns of the illnesses of their owner;
  • dropping a book - means favorable deeds at work;
  • a fork or spoon falls - the arrival of unwanted guests.

However, in some cases, a spoon on the floor is a harbinger of a guest with good intentions. But piercing and cutting objects falling from your hands hide negative emotions. If the fork falls, you can expect a female guest who likes to gossip.

When dishes fall, but do not break into shutters, but only break into big pieces, this is a harbinger of quarrels. To avoid them, you need to immediately remove fragments of kitchen utensils.

When a key or a bunch of keys falls, the sign indicates quarrels. To avoid misunderstandings, you need to knock on the table. If objects fall regularly, you need to take a closer look at what ends up on the floor. Perhaps this is a sign of a promise or request you have forgotten. If you drop your phone, you need to remember whether you promised to call anyone back and discuss important matters.

If objects often slip out of your hands, perhaps the person has been damaged or his haters are constantly discussing him. In this case, the energy gives a sign; you need to reconsider your relationships with loved ones and friends who may negatively influence you.

What do astrologers say about fallen items?

Astrologers believe that if everything falls out of your hand, this is a reminder to a person that he once did not help a friend, neighbor, or relative. Along with this phenomenon, frequent illnesses and troubles may begin. If falls are repeated rarely, in this case astrologers claim that this is an accident.

Even if you don’t believe in omens, but on the day when everything falls out of your hands, you need to be attentive and careful, perhaps this is a secret sign that will protect you from failures.

Sergii Haranenko

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