A deceased relative became a Guardian Angel: how to determine it?

What are the signs by which a person can understand that a recently deceased loved one has become his Guardian Angel?

The loss of a loved one is always stressful: people tend to feel attachment to someone, and they grieve when the connection is interrupted.

After death, the soul is separated from the human body and continues to live. It also happens that a person who died becomes a Guardian Angel for his loved one, who remained alive. It is believed that this is possible if the person who departed into the other world was a believer during his lifetime, and tried to keep the commandments.

A living person can determine that he has a Guardian Angel. To do this, he needs to observe himself, analyze recent events, and find some signs of the presence of help from the deceased.

The appearance of the dead person in a dream.

Dreams are the connecting link between the world of the dead and the living ones. Therefore, you should never ignore the dream of a deceased close friend or relative. In most cases, this is a signal that the deceased person wants to say something, somehow connect with a person, communication and relationships with whom he valued.

Very often people are faced with the fact that they forget what they saw and heard in a dream. If you managed to remember what the dead person said to you or some information told by him, this means you should definitely analyze it and draw a conclusion. You don't need to take anything literally; you need to understand the essence.

The fact that a departed loved one has become a guardian angel is evidenced by frequent dreams with his appearance. In this way, he tries to say that he will always be there for you.

Strange sensations.

It should be understood that it is impossible to see the soul of the deceased loved one that is nearby. But it can be near a person. The presence of a soul can be determined by the fact that thoughts about a deceased person suddenly arise in your head against the background of thinking about something. All this can be accompanied by rather strange sensations, for example, a person can smell the perfume used by a loved one who passed away recently.

There are also unusual phenomena that a living person can observe in his life. For example, his vacation trip was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, and then he learned that the plane on which he was supposed to fly crashed.

Unexpected unusual luck.

It can begin immediately after the funeral of a loved one. You can start being lucky in everything: in small things, for example, a live person always comes to the bus stop on time, does not wait for a bus for a long time; in something significant, for example, in transactions that will turn out to be profitable. All this suggests that the guardian angel sees everything, knows when and who needs to be sent to his living friend in order to make his life easier, to prevent suffering and defeat.

If the listed things happen to a person on a regular basis, then one can definitely say that someone in heaven is helping him. You can accept help, but you definitely need to thank the deceased relative. To do this, you need to go to church, pray for someone who has departed to another world, but still does not forget about those who were dear to him during life.

Sergii Haranenko

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