Killing With A Knife Dream Meaning

Killing with a knife in a dream as any other killing symbolizes getting rid of something negative. According to Miller, seeing your own killing with a knife brings scandals or serious obstacles caused by your enemies. This dream can also mean losing your reputation and dishonor for lonely people. Your own killing with a knife in a dream predicts misunderstandings with your lover or spouse. If you were hit in the back, you will be deceived by a dishonest person.

    The type of the knife can bring you better understanding on the dream:
  • a folding knife means hidden aggression
  • a penknife symbolizes unserious quarrel without consequences
  • kitchen knife – scandals in the family
  • hunting knife – financial loss
  • garden knife – unfair punishment
  • broken knife – bad advice
  • rusty knife – dissatisfaction
  • sharp knife – ruining of your plans

What if your dream was about you killing another man? This dream means that you will make an unfair deed and will regret about it. If you killed someone close to you, you will have to change your point of view after a serious quarrel. Seeing a person with whom you are close being killed signifies that you will be able to accept something connected with him. Dreambooks consider that sometimes these dreams mean that you want to get rid of some feature of your character

If a child was killed with a knife, this dream is a prediction against a low action. You will make something bad, but will realize this very soon and will be able to fix it. Besides that killing a child in a dream is a sign of contradiction in the dreamer’s thoughts.

If you saw an image of a knife being stuck in the woman’s body, this dream for a man means that he has fallen in love and will be suffering if he doesn’t have responding feelings from the lady. Seeing a killing of an unknown woman means that some situation left a deep mark in the dreamer’s heart and keeps reminding of itself. If you were trying to commit suicide with a knife, but failed, the dream advises you to change your real plans.

Sergii Haranenko

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