Small Money Dream Meaning

In spite of the fact that all of us prefer holding banknotes rather than small money, this symbol has more positive meaning and predicts less trouble and doesn’t exclude a little joy in the dreamer’s life.

According to Miller, a person who sees small money in a dream is contented with too little in his life. Small troubles at work and your friends’ habits to waste your time will annoy you. If you lost coins, this means that the source of your failures is your complete neglect to your own interests. Scattering coins predicts tears; gathering them – is a symbol of hard work. Raking up coins is a symbol of possible bankruptcy.

According to dreambooks, seeing small money predicts poverty; hearing the coins tinkling is a symbol of joy. If you were counting coins in your dream, this means your thrift will save you from need. If you were counting revenue in small money and revealed a shortage this dream means you will receive new unpaid receipts.

If you were embossing coins in your dream, it is a very positive sign that promises happiness and getting rich. Forgery of copper coins represents substitution of good with bad. A dream about forgery predicts trouble on your own fault.

If you found new shiny coins – this is a sign of sudden income; old ones – predict pleasant chores; notebooks – improvement of your financial situation. Big banknotes predict family welfare for a women and work promotion for men.

If you were wasting someone else’s money, even small money, means someone will try to involve you into fraudulent activity. According to another interpretation, your friend will leave you.

A person borrowing small money and knowing he will have to pay back loses energy and severely needs a friend. If you got big credit and found small money instead of banknotes is a symbol of solitude. Lending small money to someone indicates you can count on your friends’ return help. Lending big sums of money is not bad as well, but you can not count on unselfishness in this case: you will get help for payment.

Changing small money predicts an empty quarrel. If you had a dream that you gave old small banknotes to the bank and got back new ones, you will have hope for long-awaited changes.

Collecting in a dream is associated with wishes and their fulfillment. If your moneybox was full of small money, you will achieve your goal step by step and have good perspectives. If it turned to be almost empty, this means that all your efforts will be in vain.

On the other hand, Dr. Freud associates moneybox with sexual experience. Small gathering of money is telling about lack of one night stands; a full piggy bank is a symbol of turbulent sexual life. Collecting jubilee or foreign small money in a dream foreshadows changes and travel.

Seeing a penny in a dream may be a sign of minor changes in your life, the American dreambook thinks.

Sergii Haranenko
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