Counterfeit Money Dream Meaning

Like the ignoble origin of fake money, you will find a substitution of values in real life. Your conscious and dreambooks suggest that some hopes will fail after such dream. To dream of a fake means to be deceived in the most brazen manner.

To receive, find or give counterfeit banknotes in a dream is a symbol of non-perspective projects. The interpretation of dreams comes down to the fact that you have entered a strip of material instability. It is urgent to recognize the problem and begin to deal with it. Miller’s dreambook argues that there is still time to not let yourself be deceived.

If you saw real money in your dream, be prepared for fraud, deliberate lies, waste of personal energy. You will soon have to reconsider spiritual values and re-overestimate some human qualities. Exposing someone who uses counterfeit coins in a dream is a symbol of prosperity and wealth despite the machinations of detractors.

Seeing counterfeit money in a dream means facing deceit in personal relations. Your sex partner has used you only for mercenary purposes for a long time.

Good mood at the time of actions with counterfeit indicates that you will not be very disappointed in the betrayal and you yourself have wanted to break the insincere love affair for a long time.

If you had a dream that you reproduce counterfeit money or jewelry yourself - it means that you are using non-noble ways to achieve your goals. You may achieve the desired, but the price for it will be prohibitively high. A lie will cause others to have a negative attitude towards you.

Forging valuable paper documents, according to the Gypsy’s dreambook shows the opportunity to fulfill a useful transaction. You will be able to use influential people to help you give a bribe for the prosperity of your affairs.

Seeing someone printing false money shows your ability to reveal an insincere person behind tinsel and flattery.

A counterfeiter seen in a dream is a sign that someone will try to scam you in the nearest future. Only insight and great life experience will save you.

If you got caught paying with counterfeit money in a shop is a symbol meaning that sooner or later, the deception will be revealed and you can appear in a deplorable state in front of your companions, colleagues or relatives.

A wish to pay with fake money or other values in a dream means you will soon have secrets from people close to you. The interpretation of dreams in such cases is based on the warning of the subconscious mind about the consequences of that lie.

If you gave counterfeit banknotes as a gift to someone. You will soon have to sacrifice your principles for the sake of getting something long-desired and inaccessible. Freud's dream interpretation predicts new sexual relations that will ruin the relationship with a loved one.

Sergii Haranenko
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