Giving Money To Deadman Dream Meaning

It is believed that to give money to a dead man in a dream is very bad. This is a sure omen of the coming misfortune, a tragic event, one’s own or someone’s death.

Did you dream that the deceased asks for money? Be prepared for a breakdown in business or a long depression. If you refused his request in a dream, this means you will come across the dishonest deeds of others.

What it means that you owe money to the dead, and he demands its return? Dream interpretation advises to actually pay off existing debts, not only material, but also moral ones.

Giving money to someone who passed away also means that you will have to invest in the development of a business or will incur unforeseen expenses soon. The considered plot can symbolize the loss of power, control, vital energy. Dream interpretation advises being more attentive to business, to restrain your own emotions and not spending money on trifles in the near future.

It is a good sign to see that a deadman gave you something; this means you will gain happiness and wealth. It is even better if he gave something alive. In this embodiment, the dream book guarantees total prosperity and the complete absence of trouble.

If you gave the deadman someone’s photograph together with money, this plot can mean that a person on this picture will pass away.

If you felt relieved when you gave money to the deceased, the dreambooks are sure you have paid off from some trouble. From this point on life will get better and everything will go fine. Sometimes pleasant emotions point to the fulfillment of a cherished dream.

It is a bad sign if you felt uncomfortable lending money to a deceased. This means you will have to support someone financially in reality. In addition, life will be filled with various difficulties, small obstacles and other adversities. But the dream book reminds: such dreams are not decisive, they only warn about the possibility of deterioration. If you can change your attitude, then fate will be kind to you.

    The dreambooks also give interpretations of giving other items to the deceased:
  • Water or other drinking – you have to remember the deceased in a good way;
  • Food, products – you will deserve happiness and luck;
  • Clothes – you have to throw out some apparel in reality;
  • The deadman calls you to follow him – a bad sign that death may be coming;
  • The deceased drives you away or leaves – long living.

If the deadman offers you to have a meal with him, this can be a symbol of hard disease.

Sergii Haranenko
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