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Cats Of Different Types And Colors Dream Meaning

If your domestic cat was fawning and purring beside you in a dream, this plot means there are flatterers in your surrounding who are seeking your favor and at the same time have their self-serving goals that can harm you. Seeing a big cat in a dream is a sign that your rival is gaining power and authority and you will need to put all your efforts to conquer him.

According to interpretations of the dreambooks, the fat, well-fed animal is a symbol of slowness, laziness and inaction of the ill-wishers. It will be very easy for you to cope with him if you just show a little persistence. A fat cat can also be the reflection of your perceiving of the rival; but it can be absolutely deceptive: the foe may be quiet for a while and making plans to destroy you. A huge cat in a dream means that your ideas about the enemy are too exaggerated, you are very much afraid of him. Do not forget that the size does not always matter, it is important to have perseverance and will to win.

A Family dreambook gives interpretations of dreams about white and black cats: a white cat predicts profitable purchase; the black animal is a symbol of loss and money waste. If it was seen by an unmarried woman, she will soon meet her husband-to-be. A fluffy white cat seen by a young woman is a warning that she can get into trap; but showing common sense, she will be able to avoid devastation of her life, not to lose honor in the eyes of others.

A beautiful, well-treated cat with smooth fur symbolizes a cunning seducer. Be careful, because the person who is showing his attention to you is not as simple as he seems. If a woman sees a dream about cat with fleas, this plot indicates serious rivals who are slandering and spreading gossip against her; this can ruin her relations or family life. Fleas on a kitten may indicate that future events will greatly enhance the wellbeing of your competitors, and this will perniciously affect your business. If the fleas were jumping on you, this image means that your competitors’ success will bring you lack of self-confidence.

A gentle cat drinking milk in a dream predicts having a new friend who will care a lot about you without falsehood and deception. A wet cat in a dream predicts a situation that will amaze the dreamer so much that he will experience a real fit of anger, and may even harm himself. A mad cat in a dream is a warning that your enemies will put all their possible efforts to hurt you or prevent you from achieving your goal. An angry kitten is a sign of dissatisfaction of enemies with the welfare of the dreamer.

A striped cat is a sign of ordinariness and non-ingenuity of your ill-wishers. They are not able to somehow prevent you from achieving the desired goal. A grey cat crossing your way is a sign of stability and permanence. Everything should remain as it is: no need to plan any changes in business now; they will not bring any result. Grey color is also a sign of moral fatigue and dissatisfaction.

A blue cat is a double signal to be careful with your enemies and their intrigues. A Siamese cat (cream colored with coffee-color on his face and paws) is a symbol of attraction to the opposite sex and a signal about lack of affection and sensual pleasures in the life of the dreamer.

A red cat is a symbol of falsehood and lies. The dreambooks recommend having a better look at women around you; some of them may turn to be your ill-wishers.

A three colored (turtle) cat is a warning that a woman has a rival with a number of qualities that her husband likes in women so much. She will have to fight for her happiness and her competitor will be very cunning.

A green cat indicates that the person is in harmony with his thoughts and body. Such an image promises self-knowledge and shows an opening opportunity for self-development.

A pregnant cat in a dream means having new ideas and fulfillment of new plans. This also means finding a partner and getting married soon for a young woman. A cat that has given birth to kittens predicts profit and financial stability. Two cats may represent danger for the dreamer’s life and health.

Sergii Haranenko

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