Omens about moving to a new place.

When you change your place of residence, the influence of signs and beliefs can be especially pronounced. Moving to a new apartment is a global change, and change has no stability. Therefore, it is during this time period that it is worth directing your attention to the wisdom of the people – omens and signs. Here are the most important signs and beliefs that it is desirable to take into account for all new settlers.

What are the important, interesting folk signs and rituals when moving to a new place of residence? Which signs and omens can help you understand that the new place will be suitable for you?

Studying the new area

You should carefully study the surrounding area and the location of the new house or apartment. Sharpen your eyes on the bird community. If there is a nest of birds on the roof or under the roof of a new house, this is a clear sign of a happy and peaceful place. Birds will never breed their chicks in a place with black aura or dark energy.

If there are a lot of crows in the area and you see that they are not just staying in this place, but are constantly there, this is a very bad sign. Hearing the frequent cawing of crows in the yard can bring sickness and decay into the house. Of course, there are no evil or good birds, but the crow is a mystical, special bird, and far from always bringing good luck.

Another external beacon of a pleasant place is future neighbors. Well-being often has an extensive radius of influence. People living nearby should radiate calm and positive. If there are many asocial families and people among the neighbors, then most likely this territory does not have a bright energy background.

Moving preparatory stage

First of all, you need to get ready for the move. Relocation is a great reason to get rid of unnecessary and superfluous things, throw out the trash and tidy up the wardrobe, and the whole environment in general, start a new life.

Before moving out, be sure to mop the floors and leave the room clean. There is a ritual of farewell to the old housing, when a cake is prepared and eaten by the whole family. If you have had many problems and difficulties in this house, prepare slightly salty pastries. With a joyful and successful life, bake a sweet treat. After the meal, the leftovers of the pie should not be taken away.

One of the common signs is to take the old brownie to a new home. To do this, you should bring your old broom with you. If you don't have one, take a box and put old clothes, soft toys, or fabric scraps in it. Place the container on the doorstep of your old apartment a few days before you move out. It is important that only soft things are in the box, and there are no sharp or hard objects! Then the brownie will settle here and move with you.

Who lives in the new place of residence?

White spider in the house

If you entered a new apartment and saw a white spider on the ceiling or walls, then do not rush to reprisal. According to old folk signs, this albino brings happiness and the possibility of a pleasant event to the house. If the white spider was in the intended room of the bedroom, this promises lasting harmony in the relationship between the spouses.

Ants in the house

These insects signify a happy place and good energy with their presence. Of course, they cause trouble to people with their appearance in the apartment, but ants live only in bright places.

But if a beetle crawls or flies in the house, especially a large one, this is a sure sign of future misfortune and loss. The sign is sad, therefore, if you see such a sign before purchasing an apartment or house, then it is better to think carefully again. If this house has already been bought, then in no case should you kill the bug. Catch the unkind messenger and release it. Let the beetle pick up and carry away its sadness.

Black mold

Black mold doesn’t always appear only from dampness in the room. Often it symbolizes the presence of unkind and oppressive energy in the house. It is worth postponing moving to a new apartment, you should clean everything thoroughly and perform some of the rituals described below in this article.

You should not break the atmosphere of the new place with foul language or scandal, especially on the first day of relocation. You need to start with positive, because a good and correct basis promises great success in the future.

It is better to bring a piece of sugar, a handful of beans or peas with you. According to tradition, sugar symbolizes pleasure, and legumes symbolize financial well-being, therefore, let them lie down for a day on the windowsill.

It will be very useful to prepare small bunches of wormwood, tying them with red threads in advance, before moving. This plant has magical powers and is able to exorcise dark spirits and entities. You can even set fire to a sprig of sagebrush and let it smolder, spreading protective smoke throughout your new home.

And when the main things are already set at their places, it will be useful to prepare a festive lunch or dinner. It would be right to serve pies that were already cooked in the new apartment. This will consolidate a positive acquaintance with the new energy and set the vibrations in a cheerful way.

Do not say goodbye to the old house negatively, do not say bad words about it, do not remember grief and pain - ingratitude is always punishable. Even if life in the old place was not very sweet, you need to appreciate the good and thank life for the lessons, the obstacles that tempered and strengthened you.

When is the best time to move?

Experts recommend moving in the morning. First of all, it's practical. During the whole day you can complete the move completely. And if you leave very early, you can avoid traffic jams and rush hour. In addition, everyone knows the saying that the world belongs to those who get up early.

According to folk signs and omens, Saturday and Tuesday are considered suitable days for moving. During this period, you will be able to move calmly, safely and successfully. Thursday is a neutral day, which also favors relocation to new housing.

But the rest of the days are unfavorable. This is especially true of Sunday, which is considered God's day and serves only for rest. There are other folk signs or superstitions when moving to a new apartment.

10 omens and rituals for relocation

1. Let the cat into the house first. It is desirable that the animal be black. Do not step ahead of the cat and do not let the dog pass first. According to ancient beliefs, the dog should not cross the threshold, but guard the house at the entrance. Therefore, make sure that the dog is the last to enter the apartment.

2. According to popular beliefs, where the cat lies down to sleep, the bed should be placed there. It is believed that this is an energetically clean and cozy place where you can sleep comfortably and where you will feel rested. By the way, if pets behave calmly on the first day after the move, this means the house is favorable for living.

3. Feed the brownie who is tired after moving to a new house. Do not rush to unpack immediately, but first put a saucer of milk in the kitchen. Otherwise, the brownie may be offended and leave to look for more generous and attentive hosts.

4. Do not forget to treat the brownie from time to time in the future. Then he will always protect the house and its owners. Leave milk, candies and other sweets for the brownie. To do this, be sure to select a place in the kitchen. It should be at the stove or on the highest shelf. By the way, if suddenly a treat is eaten by a pet, do not interfere with it, let it eat.

5. Throw silver coins on the floor at the entrance to a new apartment. By the way, in the old house you can also leave a small amount of money of any currency. Such rituals will bring the tenants monetary prosperity and wealth. This is where the law of return comes into play. To receive something, you must first give something.

6. Put a paper bill under the tablecloth on the kitchen table. Such money must not be touched, pulled out, transferred or used. Then there will be prosperity in the new house.

7. Celebrate the move and housewarming with family, friends and relatives. Arrange a holiday when you have already sorted and arranged things, put things in order. Greet guests generously and kindly, and then the house will be thriving. You should rejoice more in a new house, because positive emotions are the key to a comfortable atmosphere and well-being in a residential area.

8. Hang a horseshoe horns down over the front door. This will help you find happiness and well-being. The horseshoe is considered a charm and a talisman of good luck. And if you want to protect the house from evil and unclean forces, hang bunches of hypericum in secluded places in the room.

9. According to beliefs, the premises store the energy of the former residents and various events that took place within the walls of the house. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the apartment. By the way, it is worth having such a ceremony with the new building, even though no one has lived here yet. To do this, walk through the rooms with burning candles. Read a prayer and pronounce desires, call prosperity, happiness and wealth into the house.

10. To clean the energy at home, you can also wash the floors with salt water or pour salt into the corners of the rooms. Let it lie down, and then sweep it. In addition, it is recommended to ventilate the premises. This will also have a positive effect on the atmosphere and energy of new housing, as well as on the health and well-being of households.

The process of moving to a new place

It is better not to enter your house empty-handed for the first time. You can bring a flowering plant with you. A flower brought on the day of moving will attract the energy of the sun and rebirth.

It is better to enter a new place of residence in order of seniority. Order and respect means harmony in the head, in thoughts, which means order in the whole environment.

Our grandparents were sure that the threshold in the house is an important place associated with the energy of the ancestors. So, it will be a great solution to wash thoroughly this significant place in the apartment when moving. Try not to trip on the threshold when entering a new home. A popular sign tells us clearly - this is a bad omen.

    Try to move into a new house or apartment in good weather. Folk signs mark the connection of weather with further life in a new place:
  • The sun promises joy and success.
  • Rainbow - good health or miraculous healing in a new place.
  • Light rain - monetary success.
  • Heavy rain - life in a new house will make you shed tears quite often.
  • Lightning - a bright and emotional personal life.
  • Thunder and lightning - regular and very large scandals, disagreements in a new place.

Be sure to throw out broken dishes and various broken objects! Do not leave mirrors from the previous owners in the house, as they are considered the entrance to the other world. In addition, they store the energy of the previous owners, including the dead. And don't forget the housewarming! This will cheer you up and your guests, and will be the starting point for a new life.

It is not necessary to follow absolutely all the recommendations and take into account all the signs and omens when moving. Sometimes it is enough to listen to your inner world carefully and determine for yourself the best options for rituals or necessary actions.

Sergii Haranenko

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