Aluminum Dream Meaning

What is the aluminum dream meaning and symbolism? According to the Modern dreambook, the appearance of this modest metal in a dream means that you are ready to be content with any, even the tiniest, luck.

According to the Male dreambook, if you dreamed of aluminum, this means that in reality you are content with little.

If in a dream everything that surrounds you is made of aluminum, this means that the state of affairs that exists in reality does not suit you. In this case, you should make some attempts to change the reality around you.

If in a dream only some objects are aluminum and at the same time they have an elongated shape, this means that you crave new sexual sensations.

Miller’s dreambook states that for a woman seeing dull aluminum utensils, without shine - portends unexpected sadness. And the loss awaits this woman.

If a woman dreams that she is looking at or buying aluminum dishes, this means that she should be ready for the loss of a loved one. For a married woman, this dream portends a divorce, the Lovers dreambook states.

According to the Family dreambook, a dream in which you see objects made of shiny aluminum is a sign of good luck. If the metal is dull, troubles, losses, disappointments and the collapse of hopes await you, especially if you see deformed aluminum dishes in a dream. For women, such a dream portends news that will sadden her.

Eating from aluminum utensils (cooking food in it) – predicts problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The Dream Interpretation dreambook thinks that aluminum dishes seen in a dream predicts poverty. Besides that this image may be a harbinger of unexpected guests.

Sergii Haranenko
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